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Apple Puts More Prices Up – Macbook & iMac – Again Blames Brexit

Apple products come with a premium, everyone knows that. The iMacs and MacBooks are top of that pile – but despite the hefty price tags that these devices command, Apple has no problem selling them in large numbers.

But that may be set to change with the introduction of the Apple’s newest line of Macbooks – with their new HUGE price tags. The decision whether to go Mac or not definitely just got harder with a massive 20% price increase. Not only has it scrapped the cheaper Macbook Air it’s also put the prices up on its older model Macbooks.


And the new line of Macbooks? Well you could be paying up to £3000 for a 15″ version! THREE THOUSAND POUNDS! Apple used the cover and excitement of the new Macbook launch to quietly raise prices on all devices. Macbooks are now significantly more expensive in the UK.

The price hike ads up to 20% on the price of iMac and Macbook but only affects prices in the UK which Apple has blamed on Brexit. Which hasn’t happened yet. The company hasn’t raised prices internationally.

The iMac 4k and 5k are now £300 more expensive and the Mini Mac has raised from £399 to £479 overnight. The brand new Macbook Pro 13″ (which now has no USB ports!) starts at £1,449 while US Customers will be getting it for around £1,232 (plus tax).

Apple discontinued its entry level range of Macbooks – the Macbook Air meaning there is not longer a “cheaper” option for Macs. You can now get a Macbook Air 13″ for £949, up from £849 – but the Macbook Air 11″ has gone altogether.


And the baseline prices for the Macbooks has skyrocketed. The previous generation 13″ Macbook Pro started at £999. The new version starts at £1,749! That’s almost double! Users are also going to incur extra costs due to the removal of standard USB ports.

This isn’t the only recent price increase from Apple. The tech company raised a lot of the prices on its accessories on the Apple Store. You can read more about that here.

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