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How To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone 7’s Battery!

The iPhone 7 is credited with having the best battery life of any iPhone thus far – however it still seems to fall far short of its major competitors.  Heading into the Christmas season, we’re going to be using our phones a lot more – snapping pics at Christmas parties, gift buying online, calling an unlimited number of long lost family members – your phones going to get a lot of use, so here’s some tips to keep it charged for longer.

Shutting down background apps save power right?  Wrong!

It’s a well-known myth that shutting down apps saves battery life.  In fact, what actually happens is those apps use even more power when you open them back up again or when they restart themselves (which a lot do instantly) because they have to reconnect and reload everything.  This takes more battery power than just sitting idle in the background.  If you keep closing apps over and over you’ll empty your battery in no time.  So next time, leave them running!

The Facebook App is Probably The Biggest Drain On Your Battery

The Facebook App is a battery killer.  No one really knows why, but it drains your battery like no other background/idle app does.  Everytime Facebook makes an app update it seems to consume even more battery!  What is the solution to this? Get rid of the Facebook and create a shortcut to the Facebook mobile page.  You can still use messenger, it won’t kill your battery and you won’t be bothered by 1000 annoying notifications for “Dave’s birthday”.

Enable Low Power Mode Right Now!

Low Power mode is automatically enabled when your phones battery gets to about 20%.  It disables some of the less used features such as SIRI and some visual effects etc.  It doesn’t restrict many of the phones features but does keep your battery going for a lot longer!  You can also manually reduce your screen brightness and enable Raise To Wake to improve it even further.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Both of these phone functions are very power intensive – but they’re not always needed.  Both features, when activated, constantly broadcast a signal at the expense of the battery.  If you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth device, turn them off!

Turn Off Location Services

The location services thing is much like turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Location Services use the phones built in GPS locater, which again, uses quite a lot of battery.  Even more so when you visist an area with poor mobile network reception – the GPS Pinging and Wi-Fi Sniffing feature kicks in and you use even more power!   Go to Privacy, Location Services, DISABLE!

Turn Off Push

Push is another setting that after disabling can increase your batteries life.  The Push settings basically constantly refresh your phones mail box, calendar etc in real time but it uses battery as it does so.  You can then set Push to refresh hourly, rather than in real-time.  Lets face it, you don’t need those emails the second they drop into your mailbox!

We hope this tips help you to get the very most out of your iPhone’s battery this Christmas season!

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