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Which brand new and exciting smartphones could be launching this year?

With 2016 fast becoming the distant past, and with many of us proclaiming that 2017 is ‘our year’, maybe it could be our year for that exciting new upgrade you’ve been holding out on? Will there be an iPhone 8, or maybe an iPhone 7s? Maybe there could even be a new Samsung that, well, doesn’t blow up? Without further ado, let’s find out what possible new smartphones 2017 is rumoured to bring!

iPhone 8 or 7s

The iPhone 7 has barely got one foot out of the door but of course, Apple are already rumoured to be working on what could be the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 8. It feels like yesterday that the iPhone 4 was being released, can you believe that we’re on to the possible iPhone 8, already? Whether the new iPhone is set to release this year, or late 2018 is still unsure however we all know the advertisement as well as the many articles will be started soon enough. Alongside a new phone, Apple have been rumoured to be attempting ‘wireless charging’, although this rumour has been in the balance for years, maybe 2017 could be the year that revolutionary, wireless charging appears?

Samsung Galaxy 8

Samsung was left in an unfortunate position with the Note 7 making its exploding debut last year (quite literally), but maybe 2017 could be a fresh start to the bad business that the Note created. Since Samsung have identified the underlying cause for the overheating problems, maybe a Samsung Galaxy 8 will be a little more efficient. With a new quality assurance process, the issues with the Note’s battery will hopefully be beneficial for the release of a possible Samsung Galaxy 8. Although Samsung are keeping a tight lid on details, a major design overhaul has been rumoured, suggesting Samsung will ditch the Home button and hopefully, fill the front screen with just, well…screen.

HTC 11

HTC was put back on the map last year with the HTC 10 having a slick new aesthetic and great audio quality. So, what great gadgets will HTC bring out this year? HTC are rumoured to be bringing out the HTC 11 and by the sounds of the great reviews and feedback that last year brought for the company, the HTC 11 is something to look forward to. As we slowly but surely creep into 2017, hopefully the HTC will bring revolutionary quick charging, more storage and maybe even a larger megapixel camera for those selfies? (we’re all guilty of taking them)

Nokia 6

Rumours of a brand-new Nokia phone have been started, with the company launching its first Nokia handset in China and confirmation of more announcements to come at MWC (Mobile World Congress). Will Nokia be bringing out a brand-new smartphone that maintains their well-known durability? Maybe glass screen protectors will become a bust, but without Nokia building the handsets- can we trust that a brand-new Nokia smartphone will be as unbreakable as the classics from the 90s?

With so many new and exciting smartphones rumoured to release, why not treat yourself to one this year? Get the brand new and improved Nokia, or maybe that iPhone 7 from last year is still calling your name!

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