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iPhone 8 Leak Shows Apple is Copying Samsung Design By Removing Bezels

The iPhone 8 due to be released later this year could be then most hotly anticipated phone of all time.  Even bigger than the return of the 3310!

This year marks 10 years of the iPhone and the company are reportedly going to celebrate with the release of a special 10th Anniversary handset – possibly called the iPhone X.

And it seems that in terms of design the company are going for the same more screen, less bezel looks similar to the Galaxy S8 following a leak from Foxconn which was reported on the iDrop News website – complete with renders.
Details suggest the phone could have a bezel as small as 4mm all the way around.  The information comes from Chinese social media website Weibo where a mock-up, sketch and render of the device were shared.  The image appears to show a phone with a tiny 4mm bezel.

The image also shows various sensors and components that look like they could be integrated below the screen itself.  The phone in the sketch is 137.4mm tall by 67.54mm wide – very similar to the iPhone 7.

The home button’s removal also appears to be causing the company problems as they are struggling to relocate the Touch ID scanner that was once a part of this button.  Apple analyst Timothy Acruri has claimed they are facing production problems that would allow the scanner to be placed underneath the screen.

To solve these issues it has been speculated that the company will move the sensor to the rear of the phone, again similar in fashion to rivals Samsung.  The phone is also rumoured to have a stacked dual camera, as opposed to side by side on the iPhone 7 Plus.  This could possibly be in order to incorporate the forthcoming Apple Augmented Reality.

Of course at this point all information could change in an instant and nothing is set in concrete.  What is certain though is that the next iPhone is going to be something very special.

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