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Apple is Really Going After Android Users in a New Series of Adverts

Three new Android user targeted ads have gone live.

Apple of course is always trying to convince Android users to switch sides and come over to iPhone – and vice versa with Android makers.  The battle never stops.  Last week Apple upped its game and launched the ‘Switch’ website which is all about showing off the iPhones strongest features.

And they’ve just added 3 new adverts to the arsenal of material in a further bid to convince Android users to make the switch.

First of all, the ‘Security’ video highlights how vulnerable Android devices can be to data theft etc., and a second video, ‘Smooth’, shows of the high performance of the iPhone.

The last video called ‘Contacts’ is about is all about the supposed ease of transition from Android to iOS and is the only video that doesn’t slight the Google owned OS in anyway.

You can watch the three, 15 second videos below yourself and decide yourself whether you think its worth making the switch or not.

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