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A Fake Cuphead Game Made Into On The Apple App Store

Apple’s App Store has long been touted as a bastion of quality in terms of the applications it hosts. Unlike Androids Play Store, the apps it allows onto the service are much more heavily regulated and quality tested. So when a fake version of Cuphead appeared on the app store, questions were asked.

The report first came via TorchArcade and stated that a version of the Microsoft exclusive game had appeared on the App Store – with a link to what appeared to be a legitimate game. Everything looks above board with real game screenshots and the studios name – StudioMDHR – as the seller. But when you take a closer look, the support page links to “” as opposed to the correct URL – which is “”. Once the game is purchased you’ll also see an incorrect company name in the form of “Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc”.

Digging a bit deeper reveals the “” website is registered to a residential address in the city of Washington with the registrant named Walter Gregor. There is no-one named Walter Gregor employed by MDHR and even so, the WHOIS details you would expect, would be hidden via a privacy guarding service if this were legit. Also, as previously mentioned, MDHR has an exclusivity contract with Microsoft which is highly unlikely to be broken; especially considering the game has only been out a couple of months. MDHR has confirmed that the game on the App Store is “fake as hell” and that they’re working on having it removed.

The game has now been removed but beforehand the fake Cuphead was playable to a degree but showed a lot of flaws also – which is expected to be fair. Some of the animation is very basic, there are some low res backgrounds and some of the more basic elements haven’t been adapted for touchscreen. Apple has now pulled the game from the App Store but it is uncertain whether or not customers who paid for the game will be refunded.

Cuphead has been hotly touted as one of the games of the year. It’s a run and gun platformer where the player fights a series of bosses in order to repay a debt to the devil. The games animation and design style is influenced and based on 1930’s rubber hose cartoons such as those drawn by Walt Disney and Fleischer studios. The game is available to play legitimately on Microsoft Windows via Steam and Xbox One. It was released on 29th September and sold over a million copies within its first two weeks of release.

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