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The iPhone X is Getting Cancelled This Summer!

An extremely credible source has leaked a report that states Apple will be cancelling the iPhone X this summer due to slow sales.

AppleInsider has managed to obtain a report from acclaimed KGI securities analyst Ming-Cho Kuo that say’s Apple are disappointed with sales of the expensive handset which has led to a decision to cancel production in the summer.  This in unprecedented for Apple and marks the first time a handset has been cancelled in its first year since the iPhone 5C in 2014.

The Chinese market has been mentioned as a large factor in the cancellation and the report cites China’s disinterest in the device as a main reason.  China has been falling out of love with Apple for a few years now, favouring home brands over foreign.  And big screen’s dictate the market and the iPhone X’s notch has been seen as removing too much usable space.  The iPhone 8 Plus offers more screen for less cost. Continue reading The iPhone X is Getting Cancelled This Summer!