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The iPhone XS and XS Max Have Got Big Charging Problems

The new iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones have some serious charging issues!

Apple is yet to issue any statement regarding the complaints of iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones not charging.  Many owners have reported that their iPhone refuses to charge if it’s been on standby for a while.  Other users report that their phones only charge when the screen is switched on.  Unbox Therapy YouTube blogger Lewis Hilsenteger has dubbed the issue “Chargegate” in a video on his channel where he demonstrates the issues.  Apple is yet to say anything about the issue.

In a video uploaded to YouTube and his 12 million subscribers on Saturday – he tested 9 iPhones by plugging them into an official Apple Charger.  2017’s iPhone X charged without issue – but many of the new XS and XS models failed to charge correctly – or even at all!  Most of the phones tested would only charge when the screen was awakened but one would not charge at all.  Mr Hilsenteger said he had been made aware of the problem by a fan who sent him an email directing him to the issue.

He hadn’t noticed a problem originally as he had been utilising the phones wireless charging capability.  “Responding to those people on a platform like this should bring light to it and hopefully some sort of software fix, if possible,” he said in the video.  “This is my job. I have to call this stuff out. I have to hold these companies accountable.”  The Apple online forum has also been dogged with complaints, as has the companies social media pages and online review sites.

There is speculation that the charging issue could be related to Apple’s new security settings.  Since iOS 11.4.1 was released, the lightning port on iPhones can be disabled when the phone has been idle for a while. That could stop thieves, cyber-attackers or law enforcement officers accessing it.  “In some cases, it might not charge,” the company advises on its website.

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