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The Best FREE Games for iPhone

iphone games

These are the best games that money really can’t buy!

A few years ago, if you wanted to do any serious gaming you either had to buy a console like the PlayStation or Xbox or spend a load of money on a top end gaming PC.  Thanks to the power of the iPhone and the vast range of titles on the App Store, you now have a world of gaming literally at your fingertips without the need for loads of extra tech.

There’s loads of free games out there as well, so you don’t even have to add any extras to your monthly phone bill! But won’t the games be full of adds or in app purchases?  This is true in some cases, you just have to find the needles in the haystack – or just read our guide!

Golfing Around

Golfing Around is one of the simpler games on this list and harks back to the golden oldie days of gaming.  This game isn’t full of amazing 3D graphics and tons of options – it concentrates on good game play and engrossing challenges.

Top down visuals provide a clear gaming experience that works really well on the iPhone.  The controls are simple and easy to get to grips with, while still providing enough nuances that do require more mastering of the control system.

This alone makes Golding Around a good game, but it also comes with a construction kits that allows players to create their own courses allowing for an unlimited number of challenges.

Bendy In Nightmare Run

Bendy In Nightmare Run is a seriously challenging game!   The world is filled with angry, messed up cartoons in a crazy 1920’s animation style, but with a nightmarish twist.

The game has your character running towards the screen attempting to esc ape from the legions of evil cartoons that are chasing him.  Your character has the choice of three lanes to run in which he has to keep switching between to gather weapons to throw at the denizens chasing him.

The gameplay is nothing new and there are tons of Endless Runner games in the market, but it’s the visuals and stylistic graphics that really set this one apart.  It’s kinda creepy and really, really interesting!

A Way To Slay

I have to say, this is one of my favourite games at the moment.  It’s a turn based puzzle game that see’s you trying to vanquish groups of enemies that come within range.  Once they’re close a double tap will have your character remove the head of your enemy.  But if your opponent is close and it’s their move, you’re done for.

The aim of the game is to stay one step ahead of the enemy – literally.  It’s all about footwork.  Being n the right position to land a killing blow, while being far enough away from the next enemy who might strike you down.  Think of it like Chess, but with more blood!

Alphabear 2

In Alphabear 2 you’re introduced to a world where bears have somehow created a time machine and then messed everything up.  And the only way you can repair the damage?  By spelling words!  You make words from scrabble type tiles on a grid that has a countdown timer.

It might not initially seem like the most interesting game ever, but once you start playing you’ll quickly realise why the first Alphabear game is one of the most played on the App Store ever!

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is a seriously cool racing game.  Easy to pick up and play and hard to put down!  It’s a seriously addictive mobile game.  It’s the vein of modern, streamlined racing games like Super Mario Run and has you auto driving while you concentrate on timing jumps and drifting like Ken Block.

It might seem odd – a driving game that strips out the steering, but it really does work!   The game gets your heart racing and is an exhilarating thrill ride.  The skill is in learning the courses so you can work out where best to show of your slick skills and earn points.

Cars will flying through the air, cartwheeling around like a gymnast and getting smashed to pieces as you master this awesome arcade style racer.  Asphalt 9 is a seriously good mobile game and is pretty hard to beat among the racing genre.

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