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Apple unveils new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini

The legend himself Tim Cook just unveiled last night the next step for apple and the company he has taken on his shoulders. This press event was hosted at the brooklyn academy of music, just like its September press event which unveiled the iPhone XS, XS max and the brand new XR.

The bold statement from apple was that they said this iPad is the biggest change to iPads since its birth almost eight years ago. The new features really show that apple is trying to make the ipads much more adaptable and appealing to newer and larger audiences.

So the new iPad pro is about 5.9mm thinner than the last iPad which about 15% thinner and the kicker is that it no longer features a headphone jack which for some could be a drawback but some people they are used to this new apple take on headphone jacks. There also isn’t a home button anymore meaning that if u want to go home then you have to make swipe gestures in certain spots on the iPad to go to previous apps and page. This new iPad pro will also feature apple’s new edge to edge display and new rounded corners.

This iPad pro will use the face ID feature and use USB-C, meaning it can connect to monitors at work or anywhere and it can even charge your phone by giving power from the ipad to your phone, essentially turning it into a portable charger for people that could find themselves with a flat battery on there phone while away from home.

This iPad pro comes with a magnetic pen that is connected at the side of the iPad and will automatically charge when placed in the right place this is more for creative people that want to draw or write notes.

So how much is it worth? Well apple said the 11 inch model will start at $800 which is about £620 in British currency or the 12.9 inches that starts at $999 or about £785.

Even Macbooks got some love from Apple, they showed a brand new redesign of the Macbook air which will start at $1199 which is £940 in British currency and that is actually about $200 or £155 from its last model and that’s due to the new retina display

Back when Steve jobs first announced the MacBook Air on the first conference, we knew that this is only the start for technology and apple, the MacBook Airs amazing thinner design changed much more than just the MacBook but affected the whole industry, It was truly a remarkable day.

Tim cook promised that these changes will still continue, Apple told press that the MacBook Air is now 25% lighter than the previous model which is astounding and gives it a much more lighter air feeling than it was before helping the laptop live up to its name of Air. It now weighs 2.75 pounds, however the aluminium bezel has been completely removed to make way for a sleeker border feel. Its base is now made from 100% recycled materials which reduces the carbon footprint by a whopping 50% says Apple.

After all this great information the company said as well as being eco friendly, this new 13.3 inch notebook will feature a much faster and more responsive keyboard which is great for everyone and it just the icing on the cake. However we noticed that the notebook is missing the touch bar feature that it introduced many years ago.

Apple had more to say at this press conference than just new devices, They developed a new version of Touch ID which will increase the security of your device massively. However it is odd that they updated touch ID since the company had been moving more for face recognition over touch ID.

It’s been about 4 years since we have had an update for the mac mini which quite a lot of people liked, especially for its size. Apple showed of the first update for this device last night. However they didn’t look very different on the outside but they did feature a quad core Intel processor chip which will drastically speed up the performance of this mac mini. This device will cost $799 or £620 in British currency. And there is an option to upgrade to an even faster six core version which is incredibly fast and responsive. Apple says that it is five times faster than the device from 4 years ago and will now come in a space grey colour option.

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