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New iPad Pro Release Date – and how to save over £380!

The new iPad Pro hits stores later this week with some serious upgrades over it’s predecessor.  The new iPad Pro has undergone a complete design overhaul and now features an edge to edge screen with Liquid Retina display to start.

The new technology means Apple have been able to reduce the overall size of the tablet by almost 25 per cent, making it a much more compact and manageable device.

Other upgrades include the addition of the A12X Bionic Processor – which makes the iPad Pro lightning fast, beating off many high end laptops.

The iPad Pro also features Face ID, that was first featured on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  The new iPad also features an innovative stylus which fixes to the side of the tablet to charge wirelessly from the main device.

Other new features include Stereo Speakers along with USB-C charging and connections.  Another new touch is the ability to charge your phone from your tablet, which can be very handy when travelling.

But the iPad Pro is not cheap at all, coming in at £799 for the cheapest options and rising to over £1,700 for a full spec’d tablet.  Then if you want the accessories such as the stylus, known as the Apple Pencil, you’ll have to shell out £119 – and the smart case?  That’s another £199 please.

But, if you own a current model iPad, Apple are offering a trade in, trade up service.  Apple offers a number of trade in options and will buy old Apple devices from you.  So you can trade in your old iPad or iPhone to get some money knocked off your new one.

Music Magpie, the online trading site, have also offered up their valuations of current and older iPad models and reckon some models are still worth around £400.

A quick check finds the current iPad Pro being valued around £397, which is a decent chunk of money of the total price.  You can even get around £150 off with an older iPad Air.

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It’s also worth remembering that when the new iPad models are released, the price of the older models will drop – and this includes selling prices.  So if you’re going to sell up or trade in, now is the time to do it.

Liam Howley, marketing director at music Magpie, said: “After last week’s announcement, and so far, the positive response the new iPad Pro has had, we expect trade-ins of the older versions to increase dramatically as consumers look to upgrade.

“The best time to trade-in a device is before the new one is available to purchase as consumers can get 25% – 30% more, so this week and next will be crucial for those wanting to get the best price for their old iPads.”.

There are also a number of mobile phone operators offering the tablet on monthly contracts.  Sky has announced a price starting at £26 for the iPad Pro 11” – with EE starting at £53.


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