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Apple locked users out of their new phones?

iPhones are experiencing a very strange problem that’s causing peoples new £700 phone to just straight up lock and not allow them back in, apple is causing this a hardware failure issue. This issue has led to people being locked out of there iPads and even Apple TV. Disabling there accounts and Apple ID and only now after 2 days of the issue has apple confirmed it to be there own fault and apple fans are sending hate towards apple and expressing there concerns. Your apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity. is the message you apple fans are seeing.

Is it just a cover up?

Many people are speculating that apple has been “hacked” and as a result of peoples accounts being stolen this has triggered the messages that people are seeing when turning on there phone about the lock. While apple boasts to have un-crackable and un-hackable software there is still a chance some tech savy group could have entered apple and as broke into security causing all these phones to be flagged as basically “Stolen”

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What has happened as a result?

Well many apple stores across the UK have been filled with angry customers requesting immediate access back into there new phones that they rightfully paid for, Apple Geniuses had a very tough few days dealing with this problem and only some people were allowed back into there phones. We spoke to a man that was waiting in the apple store to have his phone also unlocked he said this.
This is an outrage honestly as all these paying customers have to sit and wait for there phones to be unlocked. While they are mad they just want to know exactly why this has happened and all apple employees say is “Its a hardware problem” but that’s not good enough for your fans apple, They need to know why there brand new expensive phone is locked.

How can I avoid this?

Well hopefully apples latest update will fix that issue but until the update is announced and ready to go live I would say to not upgrade your phone until the next update as it could be the update which is currently the most recent has caused the lock out issues so staying away from that would be great and you can see when the next apple update will be live by visiting the Facebook for apple.

So what will these people do?

Well nothing else can be done until the next update is out and ready for you to download, Apple hasn’t yet made a statement about this issue so its almost like its being kept under wraps or maybe it really is just a software failure on the device. Either way its very inconvenient for this to just pop up around Christmas when people need to be constantly connected and are on the go with there phone.

How are fans dealing with this problem?

Well most fans are having to go back to older iPhone that haven’t been locked in hopes that they can still use their phone for everyday use. But the thing is, apple lock all accounts connected meaning that any information that was on your new phone that is also present on the old phone will result in both phones being locked. This means people have to get a replacement phone of a different brand or just go without one and this is very, very bad for Apple as there fans are having to go to other brands for a working phone after they already paid for a new phone.

Red Dead Redemption 2_20181029101641
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