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Apple Removes Tumblr For Child-Abuse

Tumblr Has Been Removed Following Recent Audit

Apple has recently finished its audit and for those who dont known apple will routinely check its top apps on the apple store to make sure there are no illegal practices going on. This can be violence, pornographic imagery, scams ect. Shockingly tumblr was recently silently removed from the app store and people are confused why.

What is tumblr?

Well tumblr is an app that lets people post almost any images of anything and lets you share and connect with other people on tumblr. You can make fan groups and communities in the app for example if you like anime then you can join an anime group where many people will talk about and post pictures of anime. Or if you are a gamer then you can find a community of your favourite game and discuss the game in a group. Sounds great right? Well it would be if there wasn’t a darker side to tumblr and this is the reason apple removed the app from their store.
Why has tumblr been removed?

Tumblr has been hit by the audit and it was not to apples standards at all. resulting in it being removed and all apple users being unable to access the app atleast from their phones. Tumblr has been flagged as having “child pornography” we arnt sure which community or page was the reason for this but whoever posted the image has caused apple to remove the app. You can find drawn pornographic images on tumblr and they are not actually illegal but normal pornographic content is and what apple found is unacceptable for any apple user to accidently find on the app. Apple will put its foot down with any and all companies regardless of size or power that does not protect its users from this kind of content.

What will tumblr do?

The truth is that tumblr is definitely going to suffer because of this as they will get money from ads and everyone using an apple device that logs in to tumblr will see those ads generating money for tumblr. Without tumblr on the apple store the app will suffer financially because users wont be able to log on to it.
Why has tumblr let child abuse on its platform?

Well tumblr did not want this kind of content on its app and it does actually have a system to stop any images getting out to the public. The system is called anti-image and it basically has a database stored with every bad picture showing child abuse and when a user uploads a photo it will scan the image for a match to any kind of abuse whether its a different file size or edited. The cause is not clear how this image that apple saw was able to appear on the public groups however tumblr has said that because the image couldnt be matched to any image in the database it was allowed to be posted. Tumblr has said that it does everything in its power to stop any and all types of child abuse and if needed the authorities are always notified of a user that posted the image and then the authorities will track down and arrest the person that posted the image.

So what happens now?

Tumblr will have to show apple all its anti-image system and convince apple that it wont happen again and that there content and platform is safe for all users. After this incident they will have a hard time getting back on the app store and if they are allowed back on the app store than apple will be keeping a close eye on them.

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