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Apple £25 Battery Replacement for Iphones ACT NOW

Get a new Brand New Replacement battery from Apple quick

Apple has a new promotion on for those who seem to have battery problems and maybe the price to replace your battery was too much? well act fast now and steal a deal.

which phones are eligible?

Apple has said that they will only be replacing the iPhone 6 and new models which were released just until the end of 2017 so unfortunately the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR aren’t eligible but they are new phones and the batteries should be good for at-least a year anyway.

How do I replace it?

You need to make your way to a GENUINE apple store so for example The trafford centre in Manchester or just the closest one to your location. As long as its a phone released from the iphone 6 to the end of 2017 then you can take this to the apple store near you, tell them that you have heared of a replacement battery deal and they will tell you if you are eligible.

How long does it take?

Well if you are in a rush and thought to just pop in for a couple of minutes then thats a bad idea as customers are saying that they waited on average an hour and a half. This is because the screen itself needs to be unsealed and that means they need to melt the seal to get the phone to come apart and then they can replace the battery. This is a long process and we expect there to be many people trying to get in on this deal so thats why.

How much does it cost?

Apple has said that it used to replace batteries for £78 which is quite expensive however if you take your phone to an apple store today you will be greeted with a very cheap fee of £25 for a battery replacement which is such a steal as its triple that price usually. Not a bad offer and if you plan to keep your phone another year then this is an absolutely necessity.

How would I know if my battery needs replacing?

Quite easier to check this and takes a minute so go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This will tell you if your battery is performing well and correctly. If your device is showing a battery health of 88% or below then apple said it needs to be replaced if you plan to use your phone for another year without upgrading.

Why are apple doing this?

Well the issue is that IOS updates have caused older phones with weaker batteries to degrade faster. basically meaning that apple has made your phone perform worse with each and every update. Older phones just dont have the battery needed for these new updates which require more power and damage the battery over time. due to this apple has released this deal to make up for it.

I already replaced my battery earlier, have I lost out?

No actually Apple has made a statement saying that if you had a phone battery replacement for an iPhone 6 or later device between 1 January 2017 and 28 December 2017 then you are owed a £54 refund as as-long as you have your receipt then you can go to an apple store and receive a refund. So definitely go do this as you should only have to pay £25 for it like everyone else.

What if I had NON-GENUINE Apple repairs in the past

Well unfortunately if you had a non-genuine apple repair from a phone store near you or a shop claiming to fix iphones, whether it be a screen, buttons or anything then you will not be allowed this deal and thats because apple does not support other companies and businesses touching there phones and messing with them by opening them or just modifying them.

Is your screen cracked or damaged?

If you answer yes to that question then I am sorry but Apple will not replace your battery unless you also have a screen replacement and this is because apple will not return a faulty/damaged phone to a customer until its fixed meaning you would still get the battery deal but you would have to pay to have a screen replaced full price.

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