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New Air Pods Patent From Apple

The new air pods could be closer than we think

Have you maybe thought that the air pods you bought are a bit too big, small, tight or just painful to sit in your ear. Well Apple is aware of your issues and while the air pods dont fit every bodies ears. Apple wants to make sure they do fit for everyone using a patent for a brand new re-design of the air pods. After extremely strong sales of air pods it was expected that there would be new air pods in development and with newer features. Apple has been quiet about it though and since 2016 when the air pods first released there has not been a new version in over 2 years and for Apple that is quite a while without an update

What are air pods?

For those who do not know, Apple has an accessory called air pods and they are 2 wireless ear phones that connect to any iPhone and let you listen to music without any wires. They also come with a chargeable carry case that will top up the battery on your air pods if they become flat while you are on the go. The case however will need charging with the air pods inside if you want the most charge possible, So a as well as charging your iPhone and apple watch you now have to also charge the air pods and this can be quite annoying for some people but if you want to listen to music wireless and on the go then you need to charge all of your devices.

What is the new design?

Well the new design has the option to be placed in any ear meaning there is no more left and right air pods that go for just the left or right ears. This is going to be amazing for people that just want to put any ear phone in and listen to music. They will also include new fitness tracking technology that will use sensors to measure heart rate, sleep and body temperature which for those looking to get fit and healthy is massive.

When will these be released?

These air pods will not be released for a while unfortunately and thats due to the technology not yet being available. We could be years away from this new design of air pods but we know that apple is working hard to make sure the next generation of air pods are exactly what we want.

New air pod leaks?

According to an apple analyst called Ming-Chi Kuo apple is planning to release a newer version of these air pods with noise cancellation and water proofing for next year. So maybe we will see a new set of air pods sooner than we thought if this is true.
But will they be comfortable?
Well the thing is that these new air pods that could release next year will basically be the same as the old ones but with water proofing and noise cancelling. So unfortunately you might want to wait for the version after the next pair that should have the new comfortable design.

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