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Got an iPhone or iPad for Christmas? You’re Going to Need These!

The Accessories you need from Genuine Apple Accessories

Well happy New Year everybody from Genuine Apple Accessories!  Many of you may  have received a brand new iPhone or iPad that will need some extra accessories at some point. Here at Genuine Apple Accessories we have the very best in smartphone accessories for Apple devices ranging from brand new Lightning Charger Cables to 100% authentic Earpods that are some of the cheapest you can find..

Genuine Earpods

If you love your music chances are you’re going to be using the Earpods a lot – and at some point you may need to replace them.  If you were to go and buy the exact same earphones from Apple directly then you would pay a total of £29 brand new with the packaging. However if you buy from us then you pay £10.99 essentially saving you over £18 just because you don’t get the packaging.  Sounds good?  It is!

Get your new Earpods now for just £10.99!

Genuine Lightning Cable

The Apple Lightning Cable is most used and replaced accessory you will need.   We are able to sell you the Lightning Cable for less than half the price of the Apple or other retailers and they’re 100% genuine.  With packaging you would pay £19 for a charger cable from Apple – with Genuine Apple Accessories you would pay £7.49 which saves you over 60%.

Get your new Apple Lightning Cable now for £7.49!

Genuine Power Adaptors

The Apple Lightning Cable needs a power adapter to go with it for charging.  Luckily, we have just the thing!  These Official Apple 5W Power Adapters are just £6.99 – usually £19 from the Apple Store!  The only difference being ours don’t come in any retail packaging – that’s it, the only difference!

Get your new Apple 5W Power Adaptor for just £6.99

Genuine Apple Lightning Charger Bundle 

One thing Apple doesn’t do is bundle the cable and power adapter together or sell a dedicated iPhone charger.  Luckily we do – and we save you EVEN MORE money in the process.  Our Lightning Charger bundle is just £12.99 and includes both the Lightning Cable and the 5W Power Adapter.  Great value!

Grab a Lighting Charger Bundle for just £12.99!


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