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IOS 13, Mac Pro and New SDK for Developers Leaked

Brand New App-store, IOS 13 and Mac Pro information leaked!

Apple has decided to combine all the App stores for the iPhones, iPad’s and mac’s into one single app store. They plan to have them all combined and working by 2021, so in around 2 years we will have a brand new and improved app store.

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Airpods 2 LEAKED, Huge New Features

New Leaked Information Suggests Huge Upgrades for The Airpods 2

Apple fans have been asking about new Airpods for a while, many rumours and information has already been leaked about them. The new design and features of the Airpods 2 could be the biggest upgrade to earphones ever.

The original Airpods were released in 2016 and they haven’t received a new update or model since then. Now in 2019 we are starting to see information about the highly anticipated earbuds. The original pair of Airpods were incredible and had a lot of futuristic features. Such as the removal of the wires from the even older earphones that connected via a headphone jack. The Airpods connect via Bluetooth and provide excellent sound quality.

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iPhone 11’s New Design LEAKED!

Leaked Images Of The iPhone 11 Are Here Along With New Information

With Apple trying desperately to recover from the terrible iPhone sales, they have planned new iPhone designs and they will be less than happy when they discover the new leak that has gotten out. Official accessory makers, Japanese tech site Macotakara has said that Apple is going to be ignoring the statements they made about cheaper iPhones and huge price cuts. They will be releasing two new iPhones in 2019 called the iPhone 11 with new chargers. Upgrading to these new devices will however be extremely expensive.

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Apple News Subscription Event

Apple Is Going To Reveal The new Apple News subscription-based App This March

Tech giant, Apple is planning an event on March the 25th to launch their new subscription service. This event is only to show the new TV subscription service; unfortunately we won’t be seeing any new devices or information regarding iPad’s, iPhones or Airpods.

In the past Apple has used March events to show off new iPad’s but there isn’t going to be any news for iPad’s so this event will seem quite different to the regular events Apple has made in March. We would expect a new upgrade for the iPad’s to help promote the Subscription service. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

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A 14 Year Old Boy Found a Serious FaceTime Bug! Apple Compensates Him

Apple Compensated a 14 Year Old Boy For Finding A Serious Security Flaw With FaceTime

A 14 year old boy has managed to find a flaw in Apples security system. Grant Thompson, who found the exploit, has reported it to Apple. Now Apple is going to compensate this boy for finding and reporting this Face time bug.

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Angela Ahrendts Leaves Apple

Former Burberry boss quits Apple in April

Angela Ahrendts was the fashion boss for Burberry before she was hired to re-design Apples retail stores across the world. Unfortunately she is now stepping down from working with apple.

Apple has released a statement about Ms Ahrendts decision to leave the company, “Ahrendts will be pursuing new personal work and professional pursuits.” She has one of the highest salaries out of all executives and was originally earning more than twice the amount Tim Cook was in 2017.

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