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A 14 Year Old Boy Found a Serious FaceTime Bug! Apple Compensates Him

Apple Compensated a 14 Year Old Boy For Finding A Serious Security Flaw With FaceTime

A 14 year old boy has managed to find a flaw in Apples security system. Grant Thompson, who found the exploit, has reported it to Apple. Now Apple is going to compensate this boy for finding and reporting this Face time bug.

What was the security flaw?

The bug involved the extremely popular Face time app, owned by Apple. Grant Thompson is a 14 year old boy from the US that was using the FaceTime app to call his friends. He stumbled across a bug that allows a user to briefly eavesdrop on a recipients group call, even if they didn’t answer the call.

The boy was rewarded because another researcher managed to find the same bug, but refused to tell Apple because there was no bounty. This young boy told Apple without expecting anything in return. As a result of this, Apple has decided to reward him in the best way.

Apple decided that this bug was a huge security flaw and very serious, resulting in them temporarily disabling the group chat feature. Later that day a fix was created and FaceTime was once again up and running.

This bug was also being spoken about on social media but many people tried to take credit in discovering this extremely serious security flaw. Later Apple had discovered that they had been warned about it in early January by the young boy and his mother. This teenager discovered the problem when he was planning Fortnite strategies on FaceTime.

The boy’s mother has sent a lot of emails expressing her concerns but received no reply from Apple.  Now Apple has finally credited the boy and the mother that discovered the vulnerability.

How was the 14 year old boy compensated?

Apple has decided to re-pay the boy for his generosity and good-will of reporting a bug that invades people’s privacy. Apple is going to pay the boy and mother an unknown amount of money, but they will also be paying to fund his education through to university.

So the boy and the mother will both be receiving a lot of money. The great thing about this article is the fact that the boy had no idea he was going to be rewarded and with such a great amount. Maybe you could be the next person to find a security flaw and be paid handsomely by Apple.

How much does Apple pay for reported bugs?

Apple has a bug bounty policy that is specific to IOS; a researcher found a bug with the MacOS but held the details of the bug because Apple doesn’t pay a bounty for MacOS bugs. The bug he found allowed anybody to steal passwords of everything on their computer. The issue with Apple not allowing a MacOS bounty for bugs, is the fact that other people will buy the information and use it to intentionally steal data, and hurt peoples computers.

Apple already has a team of experts currently working for them. These experts have the job of finding bugs in the IOS system and if they find a serious bug, they could be paid up to $200,000.





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