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Airpods 2 LEAKED, Huge New Features

New Leaked Information Suggests Huge Upgrades for The Airpods 2

Apple fans have been asking about new Airpods for a while, many rumours and information has already been leaked about them. The new design and features of the Airpods 2 could be the biggest upgrade to earphones ever.

The original Airpods were released in 2016 and they haven’t received a new update or model since then. Now in 2019 we are starting to see information about the highly anticipated earbuds. The original pair of Airpods were incredible and had a lot of futuristic features. Such as the removal of the wires from the even older earphones that connected via a headphone jack. The Airpods connect via Bluetooth and provide excellent sound quality.

The Airpods came with a carry case that could charge the earbuds and allow for an even longer battery life. Recent leaks are suggesting that the Airpods themselves and the carry case could be upgraded at different times and be sold separately.

The upgraded case is expected to be earlier than the new Airpods and we could see it as soon as March when Apple reveals the Apple News subscription service.  The release date could be much further down the line as they are waiting to release an Air Powered mat that could be what the Airpods charge from.

While we expect the earphones to have a new design entirely, we could be waiting until next year or very late this year to see the new designs and features. It’s also very possible that the new Airpods could be released along with the new iPhones whether it be the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. That means we could be waiting even longer but that’s just speculation. We could possibly see the Airpods at the March event also, though not very likely.

So let’s talk more in-depth about the Airpods and the Case


We are expecting some huge changes and innovation with the new Airpods, especially if they want to stand out as a must-have product.

One huge expected feature is the implementation of Siri. The hey-Siri software has become a huge part of people’s lives. Some people like to set alarms, timers, add appointments and schedule events using Siri. This feature would also mean that people can wake up the Airpods with their voice instead of tapping on them directly.

Apple will also be adding a new health tracking feature to the Airpods 2. These earbuds could read your temperature, heartrate, steps, floors and lots more. We would expect the health apps on our Apple watches to link to the Airpods 2 for more tracking options.

The new Airpods 2 will also feature a stronger signal allowing for people to move further away from their phone while still listening to music. They will also have improved water-proofing to possibly be used in the shower. We will have to wait and see what else Apple will add to the new Airpods.

The Case

The case for the Airpods is where your they will live when they run out of battery. The case allows for the charging of both earbuds at the exact same time, but maybe we can expect some new features for the case too.

First off the addition of wireless charging can really improve the overall use of Airpods. Instead of having to plug a wire in the case, you can lay down the case on a wireless charger and then take it off once the case is charged without having to worry about cables.

The old Airpods will be usable in the new charger case. This comes back to the point made earlier about the case being sold separately. This lets people use the same old Airpods and upgrade to a new case instead of new earbuds completely.

A new material will be used to give the case more grip and make it easier to hold. For those who want to have a different coloured case, Apple is going to be releasing the case in a few more colours than the standard white.

The new case would be the first product to use the power of the Wireless charging mat. This leaked product that allows for faster wireless charging than ever before. It’s possible that we could see these products together on the same reveal.


So there is all the information about the Airpods 2 and the new case, we expect more leaks over the year and hopefully Apple will create a true upgrade to the original Airpods. We will just have to wait and see.




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