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IOS 13, Mac Pro and New SDK for Developers Leaked

Brand New App-store, IOS 13 and Mac Pro information leaked!

Apple has decided to combine all the App stores for the iPhones, iPad’s and mac’s into one single app store. They plan to have them all combined and working by 2021, so in around 2 years we will have a brand new and improved app store.

Why is Apple merging stores?

Apple is planning on creating a single binary that works across all devices released from Apple and future devices. By combining the App stores developers will be able to create  games, apps, music and other products for all devices with just one app instead of creating different versions for other App stores.

Apple is busy designing a brand new SDK (Software development kit) for developers to use when creating Apps for IOS and Mac. Thanks to this new SDK all iPhone, iPad and Mac apps can be used on all devices. This brand new SDK will be unveiled officially at this year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) according to some leaked Apple events.

Apple is trying to finish what Microsoft started. Microsoft had the goal of creating a single platform that has all the apps from Phones, Tablets and PC’s. In a long battle Microsoft finally threw in the towel and gave up, It seemed that merging all platforms into one was seemingly impossible. So they gave up in 2017 and abandoned the project entirely.

While the project did unfortunately die, Microsoft did ask developers to port their apps to the Microsoft store instead of just creating desktop apps. This was Microsofts solution to creating a universal windows platform.

IOS 13

Apple hasn’t revealed the official details of the event yet however. But some rumours do speculate that we will see the software shown on the 3rd of June to the 7th of June. There is also speculation surrounding the next big IOS update being IOS 13. The new IOS system could either be shown in summer at the Worldwide Developers Convention or later in the year closer to the new iPhones unveil event. This new IOS 13 is going to bring faster performance and more power than any other IOS Apple has released.

Mac Pro

For you Mac Pro users a brand new laptop has been supposedly leaked with the code name Mamba and is said to be shown at the Worldwide Developers Conference also. This new device is going to be thinner, lighter and more powerful than any laptop Apple has released. Of course these are just rumours and we don’t have any official details of the specs, price or date just yet.

Apple is going to create the biggest mobile store ever seen. With all the Apps from Mac OS and the iPad’s, we are going to get an app store with much better quality. Currently Apple has 3 different App stores and it’s going to take a while before they have finished merging the stores together.

However until then we still have the brand new IOS 13 and the Mac Book Pro to look forward too, hopefully we will start to see more information and leaks shortly. But when this new update is released, we will be sure to let you know the details.

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