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Apple Hilariously Moves Texas Store!

Apple’s Texas Store Will Be Moved Down The Road In April

Apple has decided to move its store in Texas further down the road to avoid legal action. This humorous  move isn’t as bad as we all think however.  Apple will close two of its new stores in Texas and move them miles down the road just to avoid legal action that has been taken many times against them. By doing this the stores will no longer have to deal with the patent-friendly court.

They have two stores located in the eastern state of Texas which is unfortunately for Apple is in one of the four legal districts in the US. They decided to pack up the stores and move about 5 miles down the road to a new location to get away from future legal action.

What about the employees?

Before you panic and wander what will happen to the employees of these stores, let me just tell you that Apple has always looked after its employees and never fires anybody unless they give a reason to be fired. So Apple will be moving all the employees to the new location and support those less than 10 miles away from the old location.

While employees might have a longer journey to make to get to work, they at least got to keep their jobs and for that the situation just gets funnier as its very strange for a huge company like Apple to be bullied out of its current location and have to relocate such a short distance away.

Why has Apple moved in the first place?

Well the thing is, if Apple doesn’t have a store in a corporate location inside the Eastern District. Then any law suits made against Apple would have to be relocated to a different district.

The old location has become a popular destination for many patent holders; this is because of the patent-friendly court. Unfortunately for Apple it’s also home to the biggest patent loss against VirnetX. Apple has been drove to the point of desperation after being found to have been infringing on VirnetXs patents. Apple even redesigned the whole FaceTime system to get around the patent that VirnetX had and even had to kick out a lot of people from using FaceTime if they did not download the latest update.

Apple has appealed for the 5th time now against VirnetX and loss after loss, the new Apple exec has decided to ‘throw his toys out of the pram’ and move the store away from VirnetX. The case against VirnetX has been dragged out for so long that the interest has accumulated to over $90 million and Apple will be fined if they don’t do something soon.

This is a bad idea

This business move doesn’t make sense since they are moving away from a hot-spot market with lots of people to a smaller area that’s already close to other Apple stores. If anything this move is just going to backfire and sales will most likely see a dip since the store moved.

So Apple has made a really funny move basically down the road because it can’t fight the court and can’t win the case appeals. They don’t bring up the court cases as a reason for the move but it’s more than likely down to the failed law suits.

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