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iPhone 11 Works UNDERWATER! Leaked features

Brand new Leaked Features For the iPhone 11

Many people are unhappy with the look of the new iPhone 11. This new iPhone is being labelled by fans and critics as Strange, Ugly, and boring. However it’s not always about looks, Apple are some nice new features in Apples latest upcoming flagship smartphone

EverythingApplePro is a YouTuber that owns pretty much every single Apple device ranging from phones, iPads and even Apple TV. He reviews the latest Apple tech so his fans can make a judgement on whether the new devices are worth their hard-earned cash. He recently reported that the iPhone 11 will respond to touch un-like any other smartphone in existence.

He reports that the iPhone 11 is having some major upgrades to the hardware and software. Apple is working hard to improve the feel of touching the screen in all directions, adding better vibration motors to improve the feeling of typing and improving the speed of this device significantly compared to previous iPhones.

They have a high bar to reach following the S10 and S10 Plus, Samsung’s devices have revolutionised modern smartphones and Apple needs to bring some heat to their next unveiling event to keep fans interested in iPhones.

Touch improvements

IOS has a featured called ‘taptic’ that controls the tapping speed and the fluidity of moving through the phone from app to app.

“it will be expanded to cover a 3×3 grid across the new iPhone’s entire display as well as adding more precise vibrations so input response is more tactile on every part of the screen.” Said the EAC

This new upgrade to the tapping engine known as ‘taptic’ will bring brand new gestures, tapping speeds, and much better physical feedback when using the latest IOS system on the brand new upcoming iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.

Works underwater

The EAC also reported that Apples 2019 iPhone will work when completely submerged underwater. We don’t mean survive when taken out of water; we mean you can use your phone like normal even when it’s completely submerged. This means you can use your phone in bath and even take your phone swimming.

This works great for taking photos underwater which has become very popular for all types of people whether its marine life photos or family jumping into a holiday pool. But the most important and biggest issue for smartphones in the functionality when it’s raining. We all know that when our phones get wet we can’t move around the phone or unlock the device since water can fool the touch sensor into thinking there are multiple fingers on the screen at once.

The iPhone 11 will be fully functional even in heavy rain which means you don’t have to worry about wiping down the phone every few seconds in rain to make calls or read messages. Definitely a step in the right direction for Apple and the usability of the iPhones.

This feature will be an advantage if you hate the fact that you can’t use your phone underwater or for some people it isn’t much more than a gimmick.

What are your thoughts on the newly leaked features? Let us know down below

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