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iPhone XR2 Has The Same Ugly Design

The Same Design For The iPhone 11 Has Made Its way To The iPhone XR2

Apple has already received a lot of backlash from leaks of the iPhone 11’s design. Apple has never and will never comment on leaked designs, information, news, announcements or just anything leaked in general. In fact Apple goes pretty far and wide to trick the leakers by leaking some of their own fake designs just to put people off what they are actually working on.

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iPad Air 2019 Review

The iPad Air 2019 Is The Brilliant iPad For Taking On The Go

The newest iPad for 2019 may have lost some features, but it lost a lot more weight. Healthy eating and exercise has made this iPad one of the lightest iPad’s you can buy.

Apple used to give the name “Air” to products that were the lightest they have ever made, however some of the last Air devices like the MacBook Air were quite heavy which means the name “Air” is now given to products with a mix of features and price.

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Avoid Apple Phone Scams At All Costs

Apple Is Warning Users About Fake Calls From Apple Support

IPhone users are being targeted by fake companies with one objective, to scam you out of as much money as possible. Many users have been contacted by fake companies with the usual line of “Hello, there is a problem on our systems that says your iPhone has viruses and hackers reading your files.”

These are complete lies and they will demand money for your device to be fixed. They have no intention of doing anything to your phone, they just need to get your trust and then they will give you an estimated fix time after you paid them.

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iPhone XR 2 and No More 5G

Apple Say Goodbye To 5G For Now While We Say Hello To The New iPhone XR2

Apple know that the XR sold much better than any other iPhone due to the cheaper model that still packs a huge punch for all Apple fans. The recent leaks of the iPhone 11 have not been well received so for those who are already feeling disappointed. Your favourite iPhone might be getting another model sooner than you think.

A Japanese site called Macotakara is saying that there will be a brand new iPhone XR 2 soon. Not just that but we already have leaked features and specifications. The iPhone XR was once of the most successful iPhones to sell and after Apples financial quarter they knew they had to make another XR along with the new iPhone 11.

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