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Cameras For The Apple Watch

A New Patent Confirms Apple Will Be Adding Cameras To Their Watches

We all know that Apple Watches have been quite popular for allowing you to access phone features by just tapping on your wrist. But one of the most asked for and popular feature is the ability to use a camera on the watch and take selfies or just the odd photo of something in front of you. It benefits many things such as Snapchat and Instagram plus it means we can take picture much quicker than pulling our phones out of our pockets and then going to the camera app.

Well all the rumours have now been confirmed true or at least we have some evidence to show that they are true. Apple has filed a new patent for the new Apple Watch that does feature a camera but it’s in an odd place that nobody expected it to be. The new Apple Watch camera will be located on the strap of the watch, as seen on the picture of the patent.

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The Apple Watch 5 Features We Want

What we can expect from the Apple Watch 5?

The next Apple watch is likely to be releasing soon since it’s been a while since the Apple watch 4. With no news from Apple yet we can try to estimate what the price rang will be and what new/improved feature we could see when we get our hands on Apples latest watch.

So we all know how expensive the Apple watches are and that not everybody is ready to drop lots of money for one, but remember that some normal watches are worth ten times the amount that an Apple watch does like Rolex or Breitling.

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Apple Is Moving To USB-C

Apple Could Make The Switch To USB-C Soon

Apple is known for removing technology and removing the inputs required to use accessories and cables.  It’s happened in the past and it’s going to happen again if you plan on purchasing the newest and latest iPhone, if not then you are going to be fine.

The latest iPad Pro dropped the lightening connector which is used to charge the device completely, they instead went with a standard USB-C socket which is an odd move without to many reasons why. Apple fans fear that the newest and latest iPhone released this year could also do the same thing as Apple usually releases all products with the same connectors just for convenience. This could cause many issues for some people however and maybe even cause some potential customers to turn their heads in disgust.

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iTunes is Leaving So What Happens To You?

What To Do Now iTunes Is Leaving

Apple iTunes has been around since the iPhone was first released; everyone knows what it is and uses it daily. Not to mention that most people have put a lot of money into iTunes for albums and songs so it’s understandable that a lot of people fear the day that Apple would discontinue it.

The app that you know and love is going to be replaced by three brand new apps. Apple has been moving towards subscription services and for whatever reason they want to make a brand new music app.

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Apple Charging $1000 For a Stand, New iPhone 11 Design

Well the WWDC 2019 is over and people are less than impressed with Apple. In fact Apple has insulted fans pretty badly this time. Apple’s vice president appeared in front of a huge crowd of people and revealed 3 brand new products, not a phone but Apples version of a desktop computer with a tower.

The Mac Pro was shown and it is the most powerful computer that Apple has ever made period. It is designed for the most professional people with multiple features that could be useful to the average consumer. Sounds good right? No its not, wait till you hear the price.

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