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Apple Charging $1000 For a Stand, New iPhone 11 Design

Well the WWDC 2019 is over and people are less than impressed with Apple. In fact Apple has insulted fans pretty badly this time. Apple’s vice president appeared in front of a huge crowd of people and revealed 3 brand new products, not a phone but Apples version of a desktop computer with a tower.

The Mac Pro was shown and it is the most powerful computer that Apple has ever made period. It is designed for the most professional people with multiple features that could be useful to the average consumer. Sounds good right? No its not, wait till you hear the price.

The Mac Pro

The Mac Pro and the Mac Pro monitor start at around $6000 and $5000 which as an eye watering price, sure they’re not targeted at normal consumers but even professionals will have issues purchasing one. So the price is crazy high and it might be justified once we see the product at launch but that’s not very likely, so price is an issue but there’s another massive problem. For the first time ever the crowd at WWDC 2019 were groaning and booing after the last reveal.

You can purchase the computer and screen for $6000 but the monitor doesn’t come with a stand, the Apple Stand costs $1000. Yeah you heard that right; a piece of metal with the Apple logo on it will cost you $1000 which is more than some of the latest iPhone’s. Even on the reveal event livestream the groans were so loud you could hear them and the crowd clearly show they were not happy with the Apple Stand.

It has been 6 years since we have seen a new desktop computer from Apple and we expected something more fulfilling for fans, not another excuse for a quick cash grab. Fans have shown their feelings online with memes about how the computer looks like a cheese grater, also people stacking up books as a laptop stand and asking for $1000.  Apple has not commented on the fans opinions yet but it’s likely they won’t be dropping the price much if at all.

For the new monitor, tower, stand and other accessories the Apple Mac Pro package will be costing you at the very least $12,000. Now people are definitely going to purchase this if they are a designer or music developer, but for most people they are going to hard skip this new computer.

iPhone 11 Design

We also have the exact legitimate design of the iPhone 11 and it looks pretty awful, on first look the bump is still there and still disgusting. Many fans begged Apple to change the design but they refused and released this one. The back of the device is a triple camera rig with random empty space around it which doesn’t really make sense since it could have easily been placed in the phone itself like the other iPhones before it. This design was stolen from Fox-con (Where iPhones are made) and sold to a buyer that then put the design online and now we know just how aweful this design really is. Its wrong to think about the iPhone 12 before the 11 is out but we expect a better design for the iPhone after this one.

What are your thoughts on the $1000 stand and the iPhone 11 design? Let us know down below.

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