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MacBook Pro 16 inch Is Beautiful and Powerful

MacBook Pro 16-inch Specifications and Release Date

Apple has been under fire because of the new Apple PC but they haven’t forgotten about the mac book which a lot of people still use daily.  It has been a really long time since we had a mac book upgrade so Apple is hoping that there new mac book Pro is enough to win over customers.

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Apple Is Ready For VR!!

A new Patient Shows Apples Brand new Virtual Reality Headset

Apple is usually not one to ignore the latest trends and latest technology so we did expect them to jump into the world of VR like Samsung did. Apple has filed for a brand new patent which heavily suggests the use of VR technology that tracks the whole face with multiple sensors.

The new Apple VR tracks facial features, hands and eyes to create a fully immersive virtual reality experience that allows you to pick up and interact with objects. This isn’t the first time that Apple has sent off a patent about virtual reality but they never showed hand tracking.

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Four New iPhones Coming in 2020

The SE successor and Brand New XS iPhone

Apple is aiming to release a £499 iPhone early next year, while it’s by no means “cheap” it is the cheapest iPhone you could buy and it is brand new with the latest updates including IOS 13. The first iPhone released asks for £269 while the newest iPhone called the iPhone XS Max costs almost £1000. So the drop to £499 brings the new iPhone back to the same price as the iPhone 4 which released many years ago.

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Apples newest iPhone PRO leaked!

iPhone Pro Could Be a Dream Come True

Apple is expected to launch a trio of brand new iPhones in September, but the actual details are not publicly available. We have some brand new information that heavily reinforces the possibility of the iPhone Pro.

The leaks have already been revealed and people are getting hyped, but nobody is as hype as a YouTube content creator that actually made and rendered a 3-minute video of the iPhone Pro design based on the leaks. Words can’t describe how much better this design is than the already leaked iPhone 11 designs.

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