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Apple Watch 5 leaks LEGIT!

The Apple Watch 5 Has A New Expensive Material

The Apple watch 5 has had a juicy new leak before it was due to be showed off along with the iPhone 11 reveals. The Apple watch 5 is supposedly releasing in ceramic and titanium versions which is a brand new material that has not been used on an Apple Watch before.

This is definitely in an effort to attract some new customers that want a fancier design that is different from the normal aluminium or stainless steel models. The leak is accidental from Apple themselves so it can definitely be trusted.

There is an issue however; it’s unlike Apple to accidentally show off some models that are coming out. It could be a case where Apple worked on the device but then cancelled the models and scrapped the projects completely.

OLED screen

The latest Apple Watch will have an OLED display which is going to attract some new customers that have been begging Apple to make the move towards OLED which is basically a much clearer and brighter display. Samsung has been using OLED for the longest time and the screen looks stunning, especially on the Samsung Galaxy S10 which came out a few months ago.

OLED is good for many different things, because with OLED the pixels make light themselves meaning devices use less power. There are almost no drawbacks to OLED so it is odd that Apple decided to wait so long to upgrade their own displays to OLED.

In the latest IOS 13 update there were lots of code and assets which point towards a titanium Apple Watch being shown on the 10th of September. The codename for the Apple Watch has been named “HoldForRelease”

There is an image with a calendar displaying the date which is September the 10th. This is the image that can be seen when you first setup the iPhone.

It’s been true in the past

Last year when IOS 12 was released some coders found some information showing a September 12th release date which is when the 2018 Apple iPhones were announced. This same leak seems to have been discovered again and it will most likely be the exact same thing.

Not just that but the beta for IOS 13 was released this week and can be used in a test to see what the new IOS 13 iPhone update will be like. Many people have been waiting for the beta to test the new software that Apple has to offer and with any beta/test that is released there is always going to be leaks.

As we approach September Apple probably isn’t too worried about the leaks because we will be finding out very soon and most people expected the new Apple Watch 5 to be shown along with the new iPhones anyway.

These new models especially the titanium version sounds expensive and most definitely is expensive. They are going to retail for around $1000 on release which is expected for an Apple watch, so if you plan on picking up one of these watches then hopefully you saved up some money.

We don’t know the specs or features of these watches yet but we should see some leaks soon. That’s all the info on the Apple Watch 5; let us know your thoughts down below.

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