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The Best Apple Watch Straps of 2019!

These are The Most Popular Apple Watch Bands of 2019

Getting an Apple watch is expensive and it can be a huge decision to decide if an Apple Watch is right for you. The standard band for the Apple watch is just the standard band that comes with all the Apple Watches and it isn’t very stylish, with the announcements of the new Apple Watch we think we should give you some options for some more stylish bands.

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Apple Is Trademarking The Term “Slofies”

Apple is Trademarking Their Joke Term

Apple made a joke regarding its slow motion selfie camera by giving it the cheesy name “Slofie” which basically means slow motion selfie. While it was a funny joke, Apple seems to be really happy with their made up word and has now decided to copyright the word “Slofie” which gives Apple full control over the word.

The iPhone 11 has a new feature which lets the front camera take a video at super smooth 120 frames per second. It can then be slowed down to make a really smooth slow motion effect. Apple used the name “Slofie” for this new feature and just like Apple has done in the past, they trademarked a word right away to stop people from trying to use the word.

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Apple iPhone 11 Review

A breakdown Of The iPhone 11 And Why You Might or Might Not Want It

We have got our hands on the newest iPhone 11 from Apple, while the iPhone 11 is great performance wise, there are some issues that make this year’s iPhone 11 one of the least appealing devices from Apple, so lets have a look at the iPhone 11 and what is has to offer.

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You can Spend Over £139 for an Apple Card Case

Kerf Hilariously Charges £139 for An Apple Card Case

So you should be aware of the recent talk surrounding the Apple Card, for those that don’t know the Apple Card is just like a normal debit card. It’s just Apples version of a bank card and it comes with some nice benefits if you stay inside the Apple Eco system.

There has been talk around a fault that has been discovered regarding the Apple card. The card is pure white and that means any sort of stain or damage to it is clearly visible. But it has been discovered that putting your Apple Card inside a normal leather wallet can cause the Card to become discoloured and wear over time. So this means that you probably shouldn’t keep your clean Apple card inside a normal wallet or purse, so Kerf recommends a different place to store your new shiny card.

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