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You can Spend Over £139 for an Apple Card Case

Kerf Hilariously Charges £139 for An Apple Card Case

So you should be aware of the recent talk surrounding the Apple Card, for those that don’t know the Apple Card is just like a normal debit card. It’s just Apples version of a bank card and it comes with some nice benefits if you stay inside the Apple Eco system.

There has been talk around a fault that has been discovered regarding the Apple card. The card is pure white and that means any sort of stain or damage to it is clearly visible. But it has been discovered that putting your Apple Card inside a normal leather wallet can cause the Card to become discoloured and wear over time. So this means that you probably shouldn’t keep your clean Apple card inside a normal wallet or purse, so Kerf recommends a different place to store your new shiny card.

Kerf is releasing a wooden case for £139 that can look after your card without the worry of it becoming damaged. That is not a joke, they have two versions where the only difference is the material being used so if you pay £40 you can get a maple wood material or pay £139 for a Figured Walnut material.

What am I getting for my money

As funny as this is there are some details with this box that you might have missed as well as some features. First off the case isn’t locked to Apple cards only, any other cards you have can fit inside it which makes this one of the very few products from Apple that doesn’t force you to have an Apple product or lock you into the Eco system like all the other products do.

Unfortunately though you can’t have more than one single card inside this case at a time so that means that you will have to take a wallet with you for all your other cards anyway which just adds more stuff to carry on your person.  If Apple announced this product then people would lose their minds and Apple would surely be in for some hate similar to the Apple stand that upset thousands of people when it was first shown. This is clearly just an attempt to cash in on the problems Apple has with its card by releasing a solution that let’s be honest, is really unnecessary.

Its just not practical

Just imagine going into a store and trying to pay for a drink or some lunch, and you pull this big box out of your pocket, slide open the door and take out your premium Apple card to pay contactless. This all seems a bit too much and definitely over kill but if people want to purchase one of these cases then they probably want more a more stylish wallet even though it only holds one card.

Apple has not yet announced any accessories for the Apple card yet, but they could end up releasing their own case for the Apple card sometime in the future. What are your thoughts on an Apple Case, let us know down below.

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