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Apple Is Trademarking The Term “Slofies”

Apple is Trademarking Their Joke Term

Apple made a joke regarding its slow motion selfie camera by giving it the cheesy name “Slofie” which basically means slow motion selfie. While it was a funny joke, Apple seems to be really happy with their made up word and has now decided to copyright the word “Slofie” which gives Apple full control over the word.

The iPhone 11 has a new feature which lets the front camera take a video at super smooth 120 frames per second. It can then be slowed down to make a really smooth slow motion effect. Apple used the name “Slofie” for this new feature and just like Apple has done in the past, they trademarked a word right away to stop people from trying to use the word.

They said that there was another company called “SlowFi” which was based in china that had the name similar to the one Apple is trying to trademark. However luckily for Apple the company had already been defunct which means buying the rights to the word was cheap enough, not that Apple couldn’t have paid way more if the company was still running though. The way it looks is that if Apple wants something then they get it. They paid an extremely low $400 to file the trademark for “Slowfie” and let’s not forget that Apple is a multi-billion dollar company so they basically got it for free.

Apple is doing this in an attempt to have a new fun selling point for its new iPhones and iPads. Though it will appeal more to kids than it probably will to adults because it does sound a bit childish. We don’t know how this could turn out but Apple might be able to boost its profits with a single word.

Apple has not called the camera mode “slowfie” just yet and there isn’t an app yet either so we can probably expect a new update that changes the name very soon. They are also trying to prevent other companies from being able to make slofie branded camera applications. The same sort of thing happened when the Animoji took off and other companies made their own software that can do the same thing that Animoji can.

If Only The iPhone 11 Reveal Was Successful

Apple was quick to trademark their new term and we can expect to see that word used in advertisements soon, but what about the other features on the iPhone 11. Its reveal was actually disappointing with not enough new features or anything too desirable; its looking like people won’t be quick to change their phone to the latest iPhone 11 since the other models are about the same in terms of features and specifications. The design on the back of the iPhone 11 mainly the rear facing camera design is quite unappealing with a bump styled back, the bump houses the cameras and the space left between them just doesn’t look good.

That’s a fun fact for you anyway, let us know your thoughts down below.

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