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The Best Apple Watch Straps of 2019!

These are The Most Popular Apple Watch Bands of 2019

Getting an Apple watch is expensive and it can be a huge decision to decide if an Apple Watch is right for you. The standard band for the Apple watch is just the standard band that comes with all the Apple Watches and it isn’t very stylish, with the announcements of the new Apple Watch we think we should give you some options for some more stylish bands.

The Barton Canvas Watch Strap

If you want something that looks casual then this band is perfect for you, with high quality material and a buckle that is made from a shiny stainless steel. They come in a few colours so you should easily be able to find a colour option that is appealing to you. It couldn’t hurt to try the strap and if it doesn’t fit the way you want it too then you can always return it and try another strap/Band.

Jord Harmonic Apple Watch Bands

Jord has developed a brand new stylish band that is made from the highest quality steel mixed with some real wood. This combination makes a beautiful band that fits nice and comfy around your wrist. They come with three completely different designs and colours so you can easily find the right look for you.

Nomad Titanium Watch Band

The Titanium Watch Band is what Apple should have designed themselves this watch is lightweight and looks great especially in black. Its ultra-light titanium design makes it comfy and fits perfectly; there are black and silver colour options too and the best part is that black and silver matches.

Apple Watch Band Hermes

Apple does have a nice and stylish band called the Apple Watch Hermes Band and it certainly looks tech savvy. This band can only be purchased on the Apple Store and it was developed by French artisans from Barenia it’s made with beautiful textured Epsom/smooth swift leather. These designs are still very elegant for the newest Apple Watches, it is quite expensive but worth it if you are into the design.

Apple Watch Band Milanese

This band is definitely smooth and very attractive; It will fit around your wrist with ease and look very stylish. The weave is made from high quality material and the stainless steel buckle looks really good too. The weave is tight it will keep the mesh from being able to pull on your hairs around your wrist.

Apple Watch Sport Loop

This watch is for the more creative kind of people that want a bright and colourful style. The sport loop band is made of some of the finest material that feels really good on your wrist and is really comfortable, the only issue is that you need to clean it quite a lot due to the build up of sweat during workouts. Otherwise its a great watch that would be a great addition to your Apple Watch and with many different colours you can easily find the right one for you.

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