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Apple AirPods 3 “Pro” LEAKED

Apple Could Release Some Brand New AirPods Soon

Apple is already working on the Apple AirPods 3 but they might receive a new name, they could be released with the name Apple AirPods Pro and be improved versions of the AirPods 2. Earlier this year the tech giant Apple released a refreshed pair of AirPods that had the always-listening Siri feature which means people can talk to Siri without having to take their iPhone out. The case also received a significant improvement in the form of wireless charging using a charging mat, this meant people could charge their AirPods more conveniently than before.

Even with these new features there weren’t any noticeable differences that set the AirPods apart from the AirPods 2. This has led to quite a lot of people skipping the newly refreshed AirPods in favour of their current ones.

However we won’t need to worry about that this time around as there are new rumours and leaks that say Apple is going for a completely brand new unique design. We will also be getting a greatly improved version of noise cancelling and that’s the reason for the design change. You may remember that a while ago there was a patent for AirPods that fit any size of ears using a clever mechanism; it’s possible that the patent could be related to the brand new upcoming AirPods.

Apple added a small icon for what is believed to be the new AirPods in the new IOS beta. The AirPods will have changeable tips that provide a much better seal around your ears. The design will be a bit more bulbous at the top with a smaller stem for the beam forwarding microphones which allow for hands free calling and Siri.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has tweeted saying: “Looks like the AirPods 3/Pro leak from a few months ago was dead on.” The image below his tweet shows the prototype model spotted by The early leaked images of the Air Pods 3 match up with the IOS data-mined icon, this means that was right about their leak and that we will be seeing some brand new AirPods 3 very soon and probably just in time for Christmas.

Apple is apparently renaming the next AirPods that release to AirPods Pro, which sounds like they will be much better than the previous line. This is most likely because the “Pro” part of the name is usually tied to a device like iPad Pro because it’s a big innovation on the previous generation. China Economic Daily says that Apple is fully ready to start full-scale production on the new AirPods and we could see a release date by the end of October or early September. It’s recommended though that we take this leak with a pinch of salt because this leaker has had some accurate predictions and some very off predictions.