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Apple Has Finally Had Success From One of Their Subscriptions!

Apple Arcade Is Surprisingly Popular and Worth The Price

Apple had mixed responses when they revealed multiple subscription services ranging from Apple TV to Apple News. They thought that subscription services were the way to go but it was looking like less people were interested in some of the bigger subscriptions like Apple TV. There was however another subscription that you were probably not aware of, Apple Arcade is a subscription service for $4.99 a month and it has been gaining popularity.

What is Apple Arcade?

With the awful mess of games on the App Store that are designed to make you spend money for new characters and levels. It became increasingly hard to find honest games that are fun without spending more money, that was however until Apple started a subscription service called Apple Arcade. This is an app that features hand selected games from Apple themselves that are made by high-quality indie/AAA studios like Capcom. Here you won’t find any games that ask for additional purchases or money for time gates, the games are fun and worth the subscription price in all honestly.

Apple obviously made this subscription service to make a profit but they have made a lot of people happy in the process by providing safe games for all subscribers. People with gambling addictions can feel safe from abusive games that are designed to try and catch a whale which is a term that describes people who will spend a lot of money in a game to unlock something or win.

Apple Arcade Games

So it looks like Apple has had some hits and misses with their subscription plans. Almost nobody signed up for the Apple News and that is most likely because the News is available everywhere whenever you want it and it only costs viewing a few advertisements on a web page. Apple was charging about $9.99 for their Apple News subscription which is criminal for something that can be viewed for free elsewhere. Sure you could say it has magazines too but even those are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Apple probably wasn’t expecting their cheaper Apple Arcade to outperform their other services; with the high popularity of Apple Arcade we could possibly see the Apple News drop in price while Arcade rises in price.

The best thing about Apple Arcade is the quality of all the games, beautiful artwork mixed with fun and engaging game play makes it one of the best services for gamer or people that like to play games on their mobile phones/handsets.

Game Running on an iPhone

Want to try it?

You are in luck because Apple allows you a month of a free trial that means you can use Apple Arcade and play all the games on the platform without paying a penny for one month. So we highly recommend that you start the free trial and after a few weeks cancel the subscription so you don’t pay any money. Either way it’s been a huge win for Apple with their Arcade, only time will tell how successful the other subscription services will be.