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Apple’s iPhone 12 LEAKED Already!

Apple’s iPhone 12 Has a Much Better Design Based on a Leak

Now that the iPhone 11 has been revealed and all the leaks for it have been proven true or false, leakers will now start looking into the iPhone 12 or iPhone X2 which could be the name. Apple has seen a drop in iPhone sales with each new iPhone as more people continue to use their older phones since the newer iPhones don’t offer a huge amount in terms of an upgrade.

The iPhone 7 has been the current standard for people to use, this handset while being old is still very good and has all the applications/updates that the latest iPhones do. Apple can clearly see this but they don’t seem to be doing much about it. Last year Samsung had incredible sales for the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, it is expected that the S10 outperformed the iPhone 11 due to the brand new features like an Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

The biggest issue with the iPhone 11 was the ugly design that they went with for the back of the handset; the design had a strange camera bump that stuck out like a sore thumb along with three oddly positioned cameras that left lots of un-used space. This design had an un-professional look to it which has sent many fans running away from the iPhone 11 despite the fact that it is very responsive and the front looks fine.

The Leaked Design

We have a newly leaked design from a very reliable leaker called Ming-Chi Kuo. He said that apple has a three year cycle of releasing iPhones before they refresh the product completely, this is called a product refresh cycle and Apple has been doing this for years. We have a new concept for the design of the iPhone 12 and it honestly looks so much better than the design on the iPhone 11. While the camera bump is still present here it has a forth camera which fills the empty space of the previous design. Along with those changes it has an IR emitter at the bottom of the bump and a flash in the centre which looks quite nice as you can see from the picture below.

What cameras are on the iPhone 12?

While we don’t have any actual specifications for the cameras like the amount of mega pixels we do know what type of camera could be on the iPhone 12. At the top left of the camera bump we have a wide camera that allows you to capture more of a picture, the top right has an ultra-wide camera that works similarly to the other camera except this camera is designed to see greater views and capture even more in a photo. The bottom left has a telephoto camera lens which allows you to zoom further into a picture which is great for capturing a photo of something far away from you, finally the bottom right camera has a ToF or “Time of Flight” camera which is brand new to the iPhone line up. This camera is a 3D-depth range scanner which makes augmented reality applications and games look even better.

We expect to see the iPhone 12 revealed some time in either 2020 or 2021. But for now these are the earliest leaks available, let us know your thoughts down below.