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Apple Has 2 VR Headsets On The Way, LEAKED!

Apple Will Be Joining The VR Headset Market At Long Last!

Apple has been behind on some of the tech crazes for unknown reasons but finally the most requested device from fans could come in 2020. Apple fans have been asking for a virtual reality headset for quite a while now, Samsung has had the gear VR out for years now while Apple still doesn’t have a virtual reality headset. We will discuss some leaks, rumours and the pros/cons of an Apple virtual reality headset.

Apple’s new headset which is code named N301 looks similar to the Oculus Quest which is a virtual reality headset that was released back in May. The new headset from Apple doesn’t have a date just yet for release; however some people have said that we could see the headset release sometime in 2020 with a latest release of 2022.

N301 is able to map surrounding areas using external cameras so you don’t end up bumping or falling into things around you. Employees at Apple have been told that another company will be responsible for the software that will run N301. This means that the Apple engineers will most likely be working on the design of the headset itself instead of the software.

When N301 hits the market it’s expected that another virtual reality product will launch alongside it. Apple is reportedly making plans to release a smaller pair of AR glasses. As for looks we don’t really know much about N301 but current prototypes for the AR glasses look like highly priced sun glasses with thick frames. Another really cool feature that Apple is designing to be in the glasses is a set of lenses that will darken when the user is in operation with the device. This will give the glasses a futuristic appearance and stop people from communicating with you when you are using the AR glasses.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said that he regards augmented reality as “a big idea, like the smartphone,” telling The Independent in 2017: “The smartphone is for everyone, we don’t have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it’s for everyone. I think AR is that big, it’s huge.”

Apple believes that augmented reality headsets and glasses will overtake smartphones in a decade because its “that big.” They say that these kinds of headsets will supplant the iPhone which nobody thought was possible. Even the Galaxy Fold which was once labelled the Apple killer failed to beat the iPhone due to very early stages of technology.

AR and VR is struggling

While VR is definitely doing well on powerful computers, the same does not go for mobile phone unfortunately. Handsets are not even half as powerful as a computer and due to this running AR or VR are tough on the components within your device. The gear VR which was highly anticipated failed because of an extremely bad overheat issue, after around 15 minutes of usage your phone would get hotter and hotter until it gave an overheat warning and shut itself down.