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Apple Is Planning To Release iPhones Without Any Ports

The Lightning Adaptor Could Be Finally Killed Off and People Will Not Approve!

Apple could be planning on doing something that fans have feared for a while now; they could be finally killing off the lightning port which means that the next iPhone wouldn’t have any ports at all. Fans have always been upset about the removal of the headphone port and some managed to get around this issue by using a lightning port adaptor that allowed fans to still use their wired earphones/headphones. However if the lightning port was also removed then that means that there wouldn’t be any way to connect your favourite earphones. If this leak is true then this proves Apple is going completely wireless and so the decade of wireless charging and wireless earphones would begin.

Companies Could Go Out of Business

This will have an extreme impact for third-party cable manufacturers if Apple does go completely wireless because a lot of companies rely on making iPhone chargers and earphones. The final nail in the coffin could come sooner than we think if this happens in 2020. The most worrying part of this leak is the person that leaked it, they have accurately leaked information over the last few years and even if they don’t get it completely correct they do get quite close. For once we actually hope this leak isn’t true and that Apple wouldn’t cause everyone’s beats and other earphones to become completely useless when the new iPhones go completely wireless.

The leak also includes some information that while seems unbelievable could actually turn out to be true. According to this leak there will be a total of five brand new iPhones releasing in 2020, this will be the most iPhones Apple ever released in one year. The first leaked iPhone is the long awaited iPhone SE2 which comes with a 4.7 inch LCD screen. The other four iPhones will feature an OLED screens and the latest 5G connectivity. One of the iPhones releasing in 2020 will have a high end triple camera set-up. This model will come in two sizes one with a 6.1 inch model and the other with a 6.7 inch model.

The final model is a dual camera model aimed at being one of the lower end devices Apple plans to release in 2020. Of course the new iPhones will most likely be the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, that’s assuming that Apple takes the same approach as the last few years. It’s unlikely that Apple would release five new iPhone in 2020 because that would cause too much confusion for fans when they try to decide which iPhone they should purchase. We could expect the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone SE2 in 2020 however as they seem much more likely.

So that’s all the information we have on the iPhone leaks and the new iPhones becoming completely wireless, let us know your thoughts on these leaks down below!