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Apple Are Paying Public Hackers To Break iPhones!

Apples Bug Bounty Has Finally Been Released To The Public

You can say what you want about Apple and the disgusting $1000 Mac stand but one thing for sure is that Apple’s first priority is your security. iPhones have had a much bigger appeal due to the security of the device which has been proven to be much safer than other devices and that cannot be denied.

Apple announced a bug bounty program a year ago that was privately released for white-hat hackers and other very skilful hackers. Instead of hacking banks and causing pain, Apple allowed some people to use their skills for good and make a tone of money in the process. Apple never released the results of the tests but they must have been successful because Apple has decided to continue the program and make it even bigger than before.

What is the Bug Bounty programme?

When a company develops an app or software it is designed by some talented coders but these coders are mainly trained to create the code. Hackers have a different mind-set however and they try to break code in order to gain access to a security flaw. Apple would have employed a lot of people to fix bugs on the iOS, MacOS and WatchOs platforms.

Apple will supply these hackers a special type of iPhone that is a developer model which allows more freedom than a regular handset. They have a mission to find any bugs that give access into some private apps, chats, photos, videos, banks and even personal information such as location data. Apple will be paying handsomely to have these problems discovered and patched, the prices range from the type of problem to the complexity.

“As a few have noted, the bar is set pretty high in terms of deliverables,” Patrick Wardle, Principal Security Researcher at Jamf and an Apple security expert, told ZDNet today. “One of the biggest challenges of a bug bounty program is filtering out all the subpar reports, and knowing what is a real/valid bug and the impact said bug could have,” he added

If a problem was discovered that gave the hacker un-authorised access to an iCloud account then the person that found it would be paid a huge $25,000, if you found a problem that allows full kernel execution then you can be paid a super high $1,000,000 which will set a person for life. The bug bounty programme is not completely public however; it’s still only available for network researchers in an attempt to stop the millions of reports about bugs that people claim to have discovered.

Of course some of these bugs will be discovered and the people responsible will be paid so it’s a win for both sides, even you will win in this situation as your iPhone becomes much more secure through this bug bounty programme. Let us know your thoughts on this bug bounty programme down below!