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 Apple Has Made Your Older iPhone Worth a Whole Lot Less.

 Apple has Slashed Their Trade-in Values by Over 50% and Fans are Outraged!

Apple has always offered trade-in prices for iPhones released within a decade, this allowed people to upgrade their iPhone to a newer model by handing in their old phone and some extra money. This came down to the quality and condition of the phone however, just because it said your iPhone X could be worth up to £270 doesn’t mean that a scratched up model is worth that. The iPhone X in perfect condition would be worth the maximum price while an old rugged version would not.

The Price has Dropped

That price has just changed however and unfortunately it’s going to really hurt people that were waiting to upgrade their iPhone via trade-in. The prices for trade-in last week are different this week; some had an increase but most got a decrease. This is most likely due to the upcoming reveal of the iPhone 12 which means most of the older phones will down in value. The iPhone 7 Plus for example used to have a value of £180 at trade-in but it’s been massively cut down to just £135 which is a loss of £45.


This whole system was designed to reduce the amount of waste since most people just throw out an old device which leads to the increasing problem of computer waste. However they also offer some help in providing you money to help you upgrade, this can only be used when you are trying to upgrade to a newer model and can’t be used to get some quick cash for an old device.

It’s not just iPhones either since you can trade in your iPads and Apple Watches. The most drastic change to the trade-in system was the MacBook Air Pro that was original worth £900 at trade-in but had a drastic drop to £610 which means it has it value dropped by £290. These prices are always changing and decreasing in price, even the unreleased iPhone 12 will one day be worth about £400 at trade in since newer devices would have been released. This is what Apple do and I would recommend that if you had any plans to trade-in your phone and receive an upgrade then do it ASAP before the prices drop further and without warning.

New Wave of iPhones on the way?!

This could also be a response to the leaks that claim several new iPhones will be released over 2020, so if we are in for a wave of new Apple devices then its understandable that they had to lower the value of the older phones to make room for the new ones. This is of course just a leak so it must be taken with a grain of salt but since this leak has been re-posted by a lot of different people including other leakers it has some more legitimacy. Either way if you had an older device thats on this list then you wont be impressed by this news, take it as a warning for future devices and take the most amount of trade-in value that you can when you can.

Thats all the information we have on the trade-in price slash, let us know your thoughts down below.