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Apple Forced To Change The Charging Port To a USB-C

Apple Could Be Forced By The EU to Make Future iPhones USB-C Instead of Lightning

If you own an iPhone then you are most probably familiar with the term lightning cable and this is the name of the current iPhone charging cable. People have feared for a long time that Apple would be dropping the lightning cable for a new type of charging which essentially renders all of your current iPhone chargers useless. That fear may be realised soon and it won’t be the work of Apple, the EU could force Apple into changing the charger lead but there will be positives to this change.

Apple Has No Choice

The lightning cable could be replaced with the same charger Samsung has been using the last few years, the USB-C port. The reason for this is that the EU thinks that one charger should work with all devices, your mobile phone, tablet, watch and any other electronic items you use daily. Should the EU vote in favour of this change then Apple will have no choice but to change all future iPhones to USB-C ports and change all of the lightning chargers to support USB-C. If Apple decides against this change then they will either be fined a huge amount of money or be blocked from trading in any EU countries.

You might be thinking it doesn’t matter if they change the chargers in the EU because you are in another country but this change will affect everybody. If Apple decides to listen and change the current charging ports then they will likely change them across all countries to save the hassle of designing different devices for each country.

The EU wants to Combat Electronic Waste

The EU said the reason for the change was also due to the amount of electronic waste that is created through having lots of different chargers for lots of different devices “To reduce electronic waste and make consumers’ life easier, MEPs want binding measures for chargers to fit all mobile phones and other portable devices,” the EU explained.

Apple have made a statement in the post about a forced common charger, “Regulations that would drive conformity across the type of connector built into all smartphones freeze innovation rather than encourage it, Such proposals are bad for the environment and unnecessarily disruptive for customers.“

The iPhone 12 has already been rumoured to have a USB-C port for a while now, fans will undoubtedly be furious if Apple actually does actually change the charging port. If people are willing to pay a huge amount of money for a brand new iPhone then purchasing a new charger shouldn’t be too much trouble. The biggest negative is that all of your old iPhone chargers will become useless for new handsets. The EU has not given a date for the vote yet but it will likely be this year, that’s all the information on the new charging ports for the new iPhone’s, let us know your thoughts down below.