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What Can We Expect From The Apple Watch Series 6?!

The Apple Watch Series 6 Could Be What Fans Have Been Asking For

There is no denying that the Apple Watch series 5 was one of the most popular Smartwatches in the last few years even competing against the juggernaut Galaxy Watch Active. Apple blew fans away with the performance and build of the series 5, even to this day the price has barely dropped since release which says that the current Apple Watch has been doing very well in sales.

Expected Date/Price

We are expecting to see the Apple Watch Series 6 in the first few weeks of September this year if all goes to plan. The Price is likely to be quite expensive and maybe even the most expensive Apple Watch available. On launch $500 is around the expected price for the larger model and around $450 if they decided to design a smaller model.

The design of the Apple Watch series 6 is still currently unknown; however the Apple Watches have not received a major design upgrade in a long time. The build quality has definitely gotten better but the style/design has mostly remained the same which some people really like, others not so much. Fans always want innovation and businesses have to innovate in order to generate money from fans, without innovation people would hold onto their current devices for years without upgrading.

The Apple Watch Series 6 could come in four metal finishes like aluminium and stainless steel, with a high chance of another Apple Watch Edition: ceramic and titanium. The series 6 is expected to release with a bigger screen and an improved resolution that should be easily view-able in situations with a lot of sun light.

The name isn’t currently known but it has been theorised that Apple will change the name in order to start of 2020 Apple Watches with a new identity, very similar to what Samsung did when they changed the Galaxy S11 to the Galaxy S20. The name is only a very small feature and its unlikely that a name change will be able to sell new Apple Watches, what fans want is some new technology that will show Apple still “has it.”

What could they upgrade?!

The issue with the Apple Watches are that the technology needs to be as small as possible otherwise they can’t be worn as a watch. Due to the size requirement they can’t receive huge upgrades to screen size and performance chips, this leaves very little room for upgrades until current technology is shrunk into smaller chips.

Apple did recently change the providers of the Apple Watch Series 6 and that could lead to an extended delay while Apple does business with another company, the reason for the change is not yet known. Another Apple Watch has also been leaked called Product Red which is obviously a code name and fans were betting money it was the Apple Watch Series 6. “The upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 should not be confused with the recently rumoured PRODUCT (RED) Apple Watch model, which the company is reportedly planning to release this year too.” – LuxShare

So thats what we can expect from the Apple Watch Series 6 thats dropping sometime in September provided that things go as planned. Let us know you thoughts down below!