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New Apple AR Shopping and Apple Car Key App!!

You Will Be Able to Shop in Augmented Reality and Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone!

Apple has been adding some new features that might seem pointless, but they could be the future of technology moving into the 2020 decade. We have seen some gimmicks from Apple over the years but maybe they just hit gold for a new idea that will change the way people use their cars and shop online.

Apple Car Key

Let’s start with the new Apple Key feature released in the last IOS update, this allows you to use your iPhone like a key to your car. Since Apple is extremely difficult to hack into, this makes it almost impossible for someone to steal your car with your iPhone since they would need the required passwords, pins and any other security measures that are in place.

IOS 13.4 gave us a look at the new feature but it’s clearly under developed at the moment, in the latest update some determiners discovered some Watch OS integration. Meaning that you could also use your Apple Watch to open and start your car, though this feature is not yet available in the current Watch OS version. It’s still an interesting feature that could be a hit or miss depending on how it is handled; the new feature will most likely be demonstrated at Apples next event along with the iPhone 12.

Shopping in Augmented Reality

Apple also released an incredible new feature in the latest update that will change the way you shop. Augmented reality has been a thing for a while and you have probably used it before without even knowing. Pokémon GO became insanely popular thanks to augmented reality, you were able to see Pokémon in the real world through your phone and you were able to catch them all. The way that Pokémon GO works will transfer into Apples newest feature.

You will be able to see items in your own homes like a new bike, new handsets, Television sizes, cars, and just about anything else you could think of. Through the power of augmented reality you can have a better understanding of the item you are purchasing including the size and colour. Sure its a little bit of a gimmick but for people that like to try before they buy, its just another small way to try out a product before you go to the store or order online.

Another great feature that comes with this new augmented reality feature is the option to purchase the item you are viewing simply and easily through Apple Pay which orders a product to your home with just one tap. Its unlikely just how popular this will be and if people will even use it at all since the it could be a little difficult to set-up, battery life shouldn’t be affected too much since Pokemon GO doesn’t use a huge amount of battery life but we wont know for sure until the app is fully released.

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