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Apple have Developed a Coronavirus Guide App

Apple’s New App can Tell You If You Have Symptoms of Covid-19 or Not!

Apple has been affected quite badly due to the coronavirus due to being forced to close hundreds of Apple Stores, factories and they even lost some employees due to the invisible killer. They have now decided to support the fight against covid-19 by designing a new app and website that every single iPhone user will see when they open their iPhone’s.

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Apple Sends Care Packages to China Employees

Employees Were Given a Free iPad and Food from China Following the Outbreak

The corona-virus has caused a lot of cancellations, failures and disasters as it continues to sweep across the world. Apple has backed out of some planned events due to the fear of employees becoming sick and infected. Unfortunately along with thousands of others, some employees are trapped in China and a lot of them are Americans away on a business trip for Apple.

Perhaps the people stranded in the country thought that Apple had abandoned them in a selfish way, however they were pleasantly pleased when a case arrived at their doors with that shiny aluminium logo on the front. Tim Cook the president and CEO of Apple has sent care packages containing some free items along with a note.

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