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Apple Sends Care Packages to China Employees

Employees Were Given a Free iPad and Food from China Following the Outbreak

The corona-virus has caused a lot of cancellations, failures and disasters as it continues to sweep across the world. Apple has backed out of some planned events due to the fear of employees becoming sick and infected. Unfortunately along with thousands of others, some employees are trapped in China and a lot of them are Americans away on a business trip for Apple.

Perhaps the people stranded in the country thought that Apple had abandoned them in a selfish way, however they were pleasantly pleased when a case arrived at their doors with that shiny aluminium logo on the front. Tim Cook the president and CEO of Apple has sent care packages containing some free items along with a note.

The note reads the following:

“Dear Colleagues in Hubei and Wenzhou:

We hope this note finds you healthy and well.

Since the last communication with you, we understand that you are all staying strong in this challenging time. We understand the difficulties you are facing and would like to provide our best support to you and your families.

We are sending our best wishes to you on behalf of the entire Apple Team, together, with another Care Kit for you and your families. In the kit, you will find comfort items and an iPad which can be used to facilitate children’s online learning or help pass the time during your prolonged stay away from your home.”


Which items were in the package?

Apple enclosed a mixture of goods that range from food items to brand new Apple tech. Hand sanitiser for keeping clean and stopping the continued spread of germs, tea so the employees can relax along with some butter cookies and other food items but lastly they sent a free 10.2 inch iPad that can be used to continue children’s learning online or to simply pass the time.

The letter also talks about a new Employee Assistant Program which Apple claims will offer a huge range of assistance to anyone that may need some counselling or consultation. The services will be used to help the employees of Apple through any tough times they might unfortunately find themselves in, including Virus outbreaks, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

Did Apple make the situation worse?

While the gesture from Apple is sure to lift spirits during this tough time, some people believe that the care package was counterproductive. Giving sugary foods and tea will make people feel sicker and probably make the situation worse. While the iPad was a really nice gift from Apple, some face masks, thermometers and other equipment would have been more beneficial in helping the stranded employees.