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Apple have Developed a Coronavirus Guide App

Apple’s New App can Tell You If You Have Symptoms of Covid-19 or Not!

Apple has been affected quite badly due to the coronavirus due to being forced to close hundreds of Apple Stores, factories and they even lost some employees due to the invisible killer. They have now decided to support the fight against covid-19 by designing a new app and website that every single iPhone user will see when they open their iPhone’s.

Many Health Agencies Provided Help

With lots of false information and rumours flooding the internet and group chats, its time for something to step in a provide the absolute truth about how to handle the disease and prevent it from every reaching you or a family member. Apple is in partnership with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force and they were also joined by FEMA in order to make it even easier for people across the country and world to get trusted information about the virus and all the steps, details and advice that they should also be spreading to other people who are confused about covid-19.

The App can help You Detect Symptoms

The covid-19 app and website lets users  answer a couple of questions that are based around trying to figure out if you are in the potential danger of having caught coronavirus. If they have been given a warning based on their symptoms then they are able to see ways of preventing and the best way to self isolate in order to stop the virus from spreading to family members , you will also be told how to contact emergency services in case your condition becomes life threatening. The app very clearly states that you should be following government advice every step of the way and that the app/website only exists as a way of feeding important information to Apple customers that have become concerned or need the potentially life threatening covid-19 advice.

The App/website also provides some detailed instructions on how to fully wash your hands including the time and the best method to destroy any bacteria or viruses on your hands. Apple are aware that due to panic buying not everybody has access to hand gel and hand wash. So you can use soap or dish soap instead but if you have some hand wash then that would be the best case scenario. Depending on the country you view the app or website from will depict what type of information you could see including new regulations on the various lock-down’s through out each country which should help confused users figure out what they are able to and not able to do such as being able to go to the store for essential products but not allowed to meet friends or start any kind of gathering/event.

The app and website are only accessible to people over the age of 18 and while we are not sure why this age rating is in place, its most likely there to not start fear and panic in children or possibly command children to do things that the parents should be enforcing like washing their hands with soap and making sure to stay inside whenever they can. Thats all the information we have on the new covid-19 app and website, let us know your thoughts down below.