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Apple have Developed a Coronavirus Guide App

Apple’s New App can Tell You If You Have Symptoms of Covid-19 or Not!

Apple has been affected quite badly due to the coronavirus due to being forced to close hundreds of Apple Stores, factories and they even lost some employees due to the invisible killer. They have now decided to support the fight against covid-19 by designing a new app and website that every single iPhone user will see when they open their iPhone’s.

Many Health Agencies Provided Help

With lots of false information and rumours flooding the internet and group chats, its time for something to step in a provide the absolute truth about how to handle the disease and prevent it from every reaching you or a family member. Apple is in partnership with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force and they were also joined by FEMA in order to make it even easier for people across the country and world to get trusted information about the virus and all the steps, details and advice that they should also be spreading to other people who are confused about covid-19.

The App can help You Detect Symptoms

The covid-19 app and website lets users  answer a couple of questions that are based around trying to figure out if you are in the potential danger of having caught coronavirus. If they have been given a warning based on their symptoms then they are able to see ways of preventing and the best way to self isolate in order to stop the virus from spreading to family members , you will also be told how to contact emergency services in case your condition becomes life threatening. The app very clearly states that you should be following government advice every step of the way and that the app/website only exists as a way of feeding important information to Apple customers that have become concerned or need the potentially life threatening covid-19 advice.

The App/website also provides some detailed instructions on how to fully wash your hands including the time and the best method to destroy any bacteria or viruses on your hands. Apple are aware that due to panic buying not everybody has access to hand gel and hand wash. So you can use soap or dish soap instead but if you have some hand wash then that would be the best case scenario. Depending on the country you view the app or website from will depict what type of information you could see including new regulations on the various lock-down’s through out each country which should help confused users figure out what they are able to and not able to do such as being able to go to the store for essential products but not allowed to meet friends or start any kind of gathering/event.

The app and website are only accessible to people over the age of 18 and while we are not sure why this age rating is in place, its most likely there to not start fear and panic in children or possibly command children to do things that the parents should be enforcing like washing their hands with soap and making sure to stay inside whenever they can. Thats all the information we have on the new covid-19 app and website, let us know your thoughts down below.

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Apple Sends Care Packages to China Employees

Employees Were Given a Free iPad and Food from China Following the Outbreak

The corona-virus has caused a lot of cancellations, failures and disasters as it continues to sweep across the world. Apple has backed out of some planned events due to the fear of employees becoming sick and infected. Unfortunately along with thousands of others, some employees are trapped in China and a lot of them are Americans away on a business trip for Apple.

Perhaps the people stranded in the country thought that Apple had abandoned them in a selfish way, however they were pleasantly pleased when a case arrived at their doors with that shiny aluminium logo on the front. Tim Cook the president and CEO of Apple has sent care packages containing some free items along with a note.

The note reads the following:

“Dear Colleagues in Hubei and Wenzhou:

We hope this note finds you healthy and well.

Since the last communication with you, we understand that you are all staying strong in this challenging time. We understand the difficulties you are facing and would like to provide our best support to you and your families.

We are sending our best wishes to you on behalf of the entire Apple Team, together, with another Care Kit for you and your families. In the kit, you will find comfort items and an iPad which can be used to facilitate children’s online learning or help pass the time during your prolonged stay away from your home.”


Which items were in the package?

Apple enclosed a mixture of goods that range from food items to brand new Apple tech. Hand sanitiser for keeping clean and stopping the continued spread of germs, tea so the employees can relax along with some butter cookies and other food items but lastly they sent a free 10.2 inch iPad that can be used to continue children’s learning online or to simply pass the time.

The letter also talks about a new Employee Assistant Program which Apple claims will offer a huge range of assistance to anyone that may need some counselling or consultation. The services will be used to help the employees of Apple through any tough times they might unfortunately find themselves in, including Virus outbreaks, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

Did Apple make the situation worse?

While the gesture from Apple is sure to lift spirits during this tough time, some people believe that the care package was counterproductive. Giving sugary foods and tea will make people feel sicker and probably make the situation worse. While the iPad was a really nice gift from Apple, some face masks, thermometers and other equipment would have been more beneficial in helping the stranded employees.

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New Apple AR Shopping and Apple Car Key App!!

You Will Be Able to Shop in Augmented Reality and Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone!

Apple has been adding some new features that might seem pointless, but they could be the future of technology moving into the 2020 decade. We have seen some gimmicks from Apple over the years but maybe they just hit gold for a new idea that will change the way people use their cars and shop online.

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Apple Fined For Slowing Down Your iPhone! On PURPOSE!?

Apple has Finally Been Exposed For the Shady Performance Patches That Led to Your iPhone Slowing Down

For many years people have complained that their iPhones were slowing down with each new phone that was released, most people thought that it was normal due to the components in the phone becoming out dated, however this whole time Apple was slowing your device down on purpose.

Apple has upset millions of people after they slowed down their fans devices without even telling them, they have also been hit with a massive $27 million fine from the EU and given a very strict warning that if they continue the practise they could be banned from trade and fined much bigger amounts of money. Apple tried to explain their reasoning for slowing down older phones by blaming the batteries; they said that the lithium-ion batteries which power the devices became less capable of supplying peak current demands after a certain amount of time. Apple slowed down the devices in order to protect the batteries and other components that can become dysfunctional over time.

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Apple have Closed Their Popular Store In Beijing Due to The Coronavirus

The Coronovirus has Led To a Big Apple Store Shutting Down Until The Outbreak Has Been Controlled

Apple has had no choice but to shut down one of its Apple Stores in China Beijing due to fears of the corona-virus spreading further. It’s stated that it will delay about 1,000,000 iPhones over the time that the store is closed.

“We believe with the limited transportation in major cities throughout China and limited foot traffic in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities that at most ~1 mm iPhones in the region could be at risk of shifting out of the March quarter into the June quarter if this continues into late February,” analysts Daniel Ives and Strecker Backe wrote.

Whole Beijing Store Closed For Peoples Own Good

Since a huge amount of China are fans of Apple the stores in Beijing can be overwhelmed with customers which is great for business, bad if you have a potential outbreak emergency that could be spread. Its honestly for everybody’s own good, if a healthy un-infected person goes into an Apple store and picks up a demo product that has been touched by somebody with the virus then their life is at an extreme risk.

This does unfortunately mean that Beijing will struggle with buying new iPhones or iPads from the official Apple store, products can still be ordered and delivered from the Apple website however so it’s not as big of an issue. Apple also decided to close the store in order to keep their staff safe from the virus that could be transmitted through helping a sick customer for a period of time, this reinforces the fact that the infection is real and it’s a threat that could get worse unless more stores follow in the footsteps of Apple even with the decreased profits and time delays.

“While the corona-virus outbreak is a sad situation and concerning headline for investors, for the stock we believe the fundamental impact from this issue to Apple’s top-line is negligible especially as this year there were no major price cuts or last minute sales around the Chinese New Year, which we have seen in prior years to spur sales in the key region.”

Apple was obviously going to lose a large amount of money after closing its store but they aren’t hurting for money right now, Apple reported a $91 million in its last quarter over $56 million were generated through the sale of iPhones which makes them the fuel for Apple that keeps the revenue coming in. Thats all the information we have on the unfortunate catastrophe but at least its a very small step that helps to cure this virus.

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What Can We Expect From The Apple Watch Series 6?!

The Apple Watch Series 6 Could Be What Fans Have Been Asking For

There is no denying that the Apple Watch series 5 was one of the most popular Smartwatches in the last few years even competing against the juggernaut Galaxy Watch Active. Apple blew fans away with the performance and build of the series 5, even to this day the price has barely dropped since release which says that the current Apple Watch has been doing very well in sales.

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Apple Forced To Change The Charging Port To a USB-C

Apple Could Be Forced By The EU to Make Future iPhones USB-C Instead of Lightning

If you own an iPhone then you are most probably familiar with the term lightning cable and this is the name of the current iPhone charging cable. People have feared for a long time that Apple would be dropping the lightning cable for a new type of charging which essentially renders all of your current iPhone chargers useless. That fear may be realised soon and it won’t be the work of Apple, the EU could force Apple into changing the charger lead but there will be positives to this change.

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 Apple Has Made Your Older iPhone Worth a Whole Lot Less.

 Apple has Slashed Their Trade-in Values by Over 50% and Fans are Outraged!

Apple has always offered trade-in prices for iPhones released within a decade, this allowed people to upgrade their iPhone to a newer model by handing in their old phone and some extra money. This came down to the quality and condition of the phone however, just because it said your iPhone X could be worth up to £270 doesn’t mean that a scratched up model is worth that. The iPhone X in perfect condition would be worth the maximum price while an old rugged version would not.

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Apple Is Selling Its 2006 iMac Again!!

The Apple Store Has Re-listed the 2006 iMac and Its Bizarre

Apple has always had expensive products and the price is constantly rising for new iPhones as each year goes by. However Apple just accidentally or intentionally posted an iMac from 2006 on their store page and the price is absurd even for the most die-hard Apple fans. This first appeared on the Canadian store but then it appeared on the US store as well which makes it hard to believe that Apple made the same mistake twice.

Many people thought that it was Apples way of giving fans a tease for some new products, though it’s unlikely that the Apple would revive the 2006 iMac. The most puzzling aspect of this mistake is that the asking price is $1000 which is extremely expensive for a very old computer dating as far back as 2006.

The specifications are duo core processor, 512MB of RAM, a 160GB Serial ATA hard drive, and a decrepit integrated graphics chip. It also has three USB 2.0 ports, two Firewire “400″ that are seriously out dated. These specifications really do show just how far computers have come and a much better computer with almost four times the power can be purchased for half the asking price of this 2006 iMac. Lots of people were interested in the nature of this listing but mainly if it’s even true, unfortunately most people aren’t rich enough or brave enough to purchase this iMac as a test.

There has however been a couple content creators that saw an opportunity to make some views and have ordered some of these 2006 iMacs, the earliest delivery date to obtain one is February 19th 2020 so we can expect an unboxing/review sooner rather than later. It’s hard to believe that this is true after all these years, so did Apple just have a stockpile of old 2006 iMacs? Nobody really knows what is happening at Apple but the most likely outcome is that Apple refunds the people that purchased this 2006 iMac and announces that it was an accident.

If this does turn out to be a real listing then it could be an amazing opportunity for collectors that want to collect Apple technology. Sure you could purchase an iMac from 2006 online but you aren’t guaranteed that it will be brand new and un-opened product which is what most collectors aim for. Apple usually revives some older technology to celebrate the anniversary of a certain device, so its completely random that Apple would put an old piece of technology back on sale and without any upgrades.

However this turns out, the iMac from 2006 wont be something that a lot of people desire especially when you can get much better for much cheaper. Thats all the information we have on the mystery listing of the iMac, let us know your thoughts down below.

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Apple Are Paying Public Hackers To Break iPhones!

Apples Bug Bounty Has Finally Been Released To The Public

You can say what you want about Apple and the disgusting $1000 Mac stand but one thing for sure is that Apple’s first priority is your security. iPhones have had a much bigger appeal due to the security of the device which has been proven to be much safer than other devices and that cannot be denied.

Apple announced a bug bounty program a year ago that was privately released for white-hat hackers and other very skilful hackers. Instead of hacking banks and causing pain, Apple allowed some people to use their skills for good and make a tone of money in the process. Apple never released the results of the tests but they must have been successful because Apple has decided to continue the program and make it even bigger than before.

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