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New Apple iPod Touch LEAKED!

Apple could release  a new iPod Touch tomorrow

Apple has already announced some new products this week. However it seems like there is still one device that could be due an update. According to several rumours Apple will be announcing the seventh-gen iPod touch tomorrow.

This is crazy news for fans of the original iPod touch and will no doubt have some people excited. It looks like iPods aren’t dead just yet after all. Along with the iPad air, iPad Mini and iMac we could see the iPod Touch and it’s pretty much been confirmed by various sources.

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Apple Are Bullying Spotify!

Spotify Is Claiming Damages Against Apple!

Spotify has filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple, the tech giant Apple supposedly unfairly pushes its Apple music app over Spotify and limits rivals.

Spotify was released in 2008 which is just 1 year after the launch of the first iPhone. Spotify claims that the Apple store is unfairly pushing Apple music over Spotify. Other streaming services have agreed and will also be pushing anti-trust complaints against Apple and the App Store.

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iPhone 11 Works UNDERWATER! Leaked features

Brand new Leaked Features For the iPhone 11

Many people are unhappy with the look of the new iPhone 11. This new iPhone is being labelled by fans and critics as Strange, Ugly, and boring. However it’s not always about looks, Apple are some nice new features in Apples latest upcoming flagship smartphone

EverythingApplePro is a YouTuber that owns pretty much every single Apple device ranging from phones, iPads and even Apple TV. He reviews the latest Apple tech so his fans can make a judgement on whether the new devices are worth their hard-earned cash. He recently reported that the iPhone 11 will respond to touch un-like any other smartphone in existence.

He reports that the iPhone 11 is having some major upgrades to the hardware and software. Apple is working hard to improve the feel of touching the screen in all directions, adding better vibration motors to improve the feeling of typing and improving the speed of this device significantly compared to previous iPhones.

They have a high bar to reach following the S10 and S10 Plus, Samsung’s devices have revolutionised modern smartphones and Apple needs to bring some heat to their next unveiling event to keep fans interested in iPhones.

Touch improvements

IOS has a featured called ‘taptic’ that controls the tapping speed and the fluidity of moving through the phone from app to app.

“it will be expanded to cover a 3×3 grid across the new iPhone’s entire display as well as adding more precise vibrations so input response is more tactile on every part of the screen.” Said the EAC

This new upgrade to the tapping engine known as ‘taptic’ will bring brand new gestures, tapping speeds, and much better physical feedback when using the latest IOS system on the brand new upcoming iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.

Works underwater

The EAC also reported that Apples 2019 iPhone will work when completely submerged underwater. We don’t mean survive when taken out of water; we mean you can use your phone like normal even when it’s completely submerged. This means you can use your phone in bath and even take your phone swimming.

This works great for taking photos underwater which has become very popular for all types of people whether its marine life photos or family jumping into a holiday pool. But the most important and biggest issue for smartphones in the functionality when it’s raining. We all know that when our phones get wet we can’t move around the phone or unlock the device since water can fool the touch sensor into thinking there are multiple fingers on the screen at once.

The iPhone 11 will be fully functional even in heavy rain which means you don’t have to worry about wiping down the phone every few seconds in rain to make calls or read messages. Definitely a step in the right direction for Apple and the usability of the iPhones.

This feature will be an advantage if you hate the fact that you can’t use your phone underwater or for some people it isn’t much more than a gimmick.

What are your thoughts on the newly leaked features? Let us know down below

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Folding iPhone Leaks! Possible Release date!

The Folding iPhone might have years until its unveiling

With the incredible innovation Samsung has shown us with the Galaxy fold we knew it was only a matter of time until we see iPhones take on a folding design. Many patents and leaks suggest that Apple is going to try and make a folding smartphone but they won’t be able to show the device until at the very least next march.

Should Apple Make a folding device?

If the hype for the Galaxy X is anything to go off, then yes they definitely should. Being able to fold your phone into an IPad is very revolutionary and it can give those people the innovation they are looking for.

We all know that iPhone and Apple in general are very popular and seen as a sign of ‘wealth’ in public. The folding iPhone will be the most expensive Apple device we have seen especially if Samsung are charging £2000 for their folding phone.

The negative to this idea however would be regarding the iPad sales. The Folding iPhone would definitely make iPads themselves quite irrelevant and possible cannibalise them entirely. We won’t truly know the effects of a folding iPhone/iPad on the sales until we see the device for ourselves in 2020.

We are essentially looking at an iPhone that can turn into an iPad by just bending open the screen. For some this is going to be a must-have, for others it’s nothing more than a gimmick.

The evidence for the folding iPhone?

The folding phone rumours started as early as 2016 when it was discovered that LG had been helping Apple create folding screens specifically OLED screens.

LG is working closely with apple to improve the screens and make them actually bend without breaking or shattering. The production of these screens was said to have started this year so it’s possible they could have already began construction on these screens or at some point this year.


Apple has filed for a few patents that involve the designs for the new flexible displays. We can see a few different designs but they do have their issues regarding the pressure and size of the device.

We can see a clear issue regarding the screen which seems to suggest that the screen is at risk of cracking under cold-conditions. Meaning the device would need to be in a warmer location for it to properly open without breaking. There is also a latch mechanism which would stop the folding phone from opening if the conditions were not right, this would stop peoples devices breaking but adds a restriction to the phones key-feature, folding

However patents are not supposed to be set-in-stone, meaning that the phone will change drastically upon release.

Possible release date

Apple is always late to the party, by this I mean the following. Apple did not release the first smartphone; they did not make the first iPod or the first smartwatch either.

So it’s no surprise that they aren’t ready for the release of the Galaxy Fold and subsequently once again won’t be the first to develop a folding smartphone. However they usually keep up with crazes like the smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, computers etc.

So we will eventually see a folding iPhone, that’s 100% for definite, but unfortunately they only just started production this year so we could be looking at 1-2 years until we can purchase one of these folding phones.

Seeing as March is a popular time for Apple to release products, it is possible we could see the folding smartphone in March of 2020, 2021 or at most 2022.

That’s all the information we currently have on the folding iPhone but as more leaks emerge we are sure to get some new information soon.









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Apple Hilariously Moves Texas Store!

Apple’s Texas Store Will Be Moved Down The Road In April

Apple has decided to move its store in Texas further down the road to avoid legal action. This humorous  move isn’t as bad as we all think however.  Apple will close two of its new stores in Texas and move them miles down the road just to avoid legal action that has been taken many times against them. By doing this the stores will no longer have to deal with the patent-friendly court.

They have two stores located in the eastern state of Texas which is unfortunately for Apple is in one of the four legal districts in the US. They decided to pack up the stores and move about 5 miles down the road to a new location to get away from future legal action.

What about the employees?

Before you panic and wander what will happen to the employees of these stores, let me just tell you that Apple has always looked after its employees and never fires anybody unless they give a reason to be fired. So Apple will be moving all the employees to the new location and support those less than 10 miles away from the old location.

While employees might have a longer journey to make to get to work, they at least got to keep their jobs and for that the situation just gets funnier as its very strange for a huge company like Apple to be bullied out of its current location and have to relocate such a short distance away.

Why has Apple moved in the first place?

Well the thing is, if Apple doesn’t have a store in a corporate location inside the Eastern District. Then any law suits made against Apple would have to be relocated to a different district.

The old location has become a popular destination for many patent holders; this is because of the patent-friendly court. Unfortunately for Apple it’s also home to the biggest patent loss against VirnetX. Apple has been drove to the point of desperation after being found to have been infringing on VirnetXs patents. Apple even redesigned the whole FaceTime system to get around the patent that VirnetX had and even had to kick out a lot of people from using FaceTime if they did not download the latest update.

Apple has appealed for the 5th time now against VirnetX and loss after loss, the new Apple exec has decided to ‘throw his toys out of the pram’ and move the store away from VirnetX. The case against VirnetX has been dragged out for so long that the interest has accumulated to over $90 million and Apple will be fined if they don’t do something soon.

This is a bad idea

This business move doesn’t make sense since they are moving away from a hot-spot market with lots of people to a smaller area that’s already close to other Apple stores. If anything this move is just going to backfire and sales will most likely see a dip since the store moved.

So Apple has made a really funny move basically down the road because it can’t fight the court and can’t win the case appeals. They don’t bring up the court cases as a reason for the move but it’s more than likely down to the failed law suits.

What are your thoughts on the matter, let us know below!

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IOS 13, Mac Pro and New SDK for Developers Leaked

Brand New App-store, IOS 13 and Mac Pro information leaked!

Apple has decided to combine all the App stores for the iPhones, iPad’s and mac’s into one single app store. They plan to have them all combined and working by 2021, so in around 2 years we will have a brand new and improved app store.

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Airpods 2 LEAKED, Huge New Features

New Leaked Information Suggests Huge Upgrades for The Airpods 2

Apple fans have been asking about new Airpods for a while, many rumours and information has already been leaked about them. The new design and features of the Airpods 2 could be the biggest upgrade to earphones ever.

The original Airpods were released in 2016 and they haven’t received a new update or model since then. Now in 2019 we are starting to see information about the highly anticipated earbuds. The original pair of Airpods were incredible and had a lot of futuristic features. Such as the removal of the wires from the even older earphones that connected via a headphone jack. The Airpods connect via Bluetooth and provide excellent sound quality.

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iPhone 11’s New Design LEAKED!

Leaked Images Of The iPhone 11 Are Here Along With New Information

With Apple trying desperately to recover from the terrible iPhone sales, they have planned new iPhone designs and they will be less than happy when they discover the new leak that has gotten out. Official accessory makers, Japanese tech site Macotakara has said that Apple is going to be ignoring the statements they made about cheaper iPhones and huge price cuts. They will be releasing two new iPhones in 2019 called the iPhone 11 with new chargers. Upgrading to these new devices will however be extremely expensive.

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Apple News Subscription Event

Apple Is Going To Reveal The new Apple News subscription-based App This March

Tech giant, Apple is planning an event on March the 25th to launch their new subscription service. This event is only to show the new TV subscription service; unfortunately we won’t be seeing any new devices or information regarding iPad’s, iPhones or Airpods.

In the past Apple has used March events to show off new iPad’s but there isn’t going to be any news for iPad’s so this event will seem quite different to the regular events Apple has made in March. We would expect a new upgrade for the iPad’s to help promote the Subscription service. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

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A 14 Year Old Boy Found a Serious FaceTime Bug! Apple Compensates Him

Apple Compensated a 14 Year Old Boy For Finding A Serious Security Flaw With FaceTime

A 14 year old boy has managed to find a flaw in Apples security system. Grant Thompson, who found the exploit, has reported it to Apple. Now Apple is going to compensate this boy for finding and reporting this Face time bug.

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