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Apple Forced To Change The Charging Port To a USB-C

Apple Could Be Forced By The EU to Make Future iPhones USB-C Instead of Lightning

If you own an iPhone then you are most probably familiar with the term lightning cable and this is the name of the current iPhone charging cable. People have feared for a long time that Apple would be dropping the lightning cable for a new type of charging which essentially renders all of your current iPhone chargers useless. That fear may be realised soon and it won’t be the work of Apple, the EU could force Apple into changing the charger lead but there will be positives to this change.

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 Apple Has Made Your Older iPhone Worth a Whole Lot Less.

 Apple has Slashed Their Trade-in Values by Over 50% and Fans are Outraged!

Apple has always offered trade-in prices for iPhones released within a decade, this allowed people to upgrade their iPhone to a newer model by handing in their old phone and some extra money. This came down to the quality and condition of the phone however, just because it said your iPhone X could be worth up to £270 doesn’t mean that a scratched up model is worth that. The iPhone X in perfect condition would be worth the maximum price while an old rugged version would not.

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Apple Is Selling Its 2006 iMac Again!!

The Apple Store Has Re-listed the 2006 iMac and Its Bizarre

Apple has always had expensive products and the price is constantly rising for new iPhones as each year goes by. However Apple just accidentally or intentionally posted an iMac from 2006 on their store page and the price is absurd even for the most die-hard Apple fans. This first appeared on the Canadian store but then it appeared on the US store as well which makes it hard to believe that Apple made the same mistake twice.

Many people thought that it was Apples way of giving fans a tease for some new products, though it’s unlikely that the Apple would revive the 2006 iMac. The most puzzling aspect of this mistake is that the asking price is $1000 which is extremely expensive for a very old computer dating as far back as 2006.

The specifications are duo core processor, 512MB of RAM, a 160GB Serial ATA hard drive, and a decrepit integrated graphics chip. It also has three USB 2.0 ports, two Firewire “400″ that are seriously out dated. These specifications really do show just how far computers have come and a much better computer with almost four times the power can be purchased for half the asking price of this 2006 iMac. Lots of people were interested in the nature of this listing but mainly if it’s even true, unfortunately most people aren’t rich enough or brave enough to purchase this iMac as a test.

There has however been a couple content creators that saw an opportunity to make some views and have ordered some of these 2006 iMacs, the earliest delivery date to obtain one is February 19th 2020 so we can expect an unboxing/review sooner rather than later. It’s hard to believe that this is true after all these years, so did Apple just have a stockpile of old 2006 iMacs? Nobody really knows what is happening at Apple but the most likely outcome is that Apple refunds the people that purchased this 2006 iMac and announces that it was an accident.

If this does turn out to be a real listing then it could be an amazing opportunity for collectors that want to collect Apple technology. Sure you could purchase an iMac from 2006 online but you aren’t guaranteed that it will be brand new and un-opened product which is what most collectors aim for. Apple usually revives some older technology to celebrate the anniversary of a certain device, so its completely random that Apple would put an old piece of technology back on sale and without any upgrades.

However this turns out, the iMac from 2006 wont be something that a lot of people desire especially when you can get much better for much cheaper. Thats all the information we have on the mystery listing of the iMac, let us know your thoughts down below.

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Apple Are Paying Public Hackers To Break iPhones!

Apples Bug Bounty Has Finally Been Released To The Public

You can say what you want about Apple and the disgusting $1000 Mac stand but one thing for sure is that Apple’s first priority is your security. iPhones have had a much bigger appeal due to the security of the device which has been proven to be much safer than other devices and that cannot be denied.

Apple announced a bug bounty program a year ago that was privately released for white-hat hackers and other very skilful hackers. Instead of hacking banks and causing pain, Apple allowed some people to use their skills for good and make a tone of money in the process. Apple never released the results of the tests but they must have been successful because Apple has decided to continue the program and make it even bigger than before.

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Hackers Held 250 Million iPhones for Ransom to Blackmail Apple

Hackers Held 250 Million iPhones for Ransom to Blackmail Apple

Apple recently received a threat from a hacker claiming to have over 250 million iPhone accounts as well as all the data on those accounts. He sent an email to Apples support team demanding a large amount of money or else he would factory reset 250 million accounts within a few days.

The accounts that were breached store valuable customer data such as their photos, games, apps and music. Now imagine 250 million accounts worth of data, you probably couldn’t imagine it and neither could Apple so they had to take this threat seriously.

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Apple Is Planning To Release iPhones Without Any Ports

The Lightning Adaptor Could Be Finally Killed Off and People Will Not Approve!

Apple could be planning on doing something that fans have feared for a while now; they could be finally killing off the lightning port which means that the next iPhone wouldn’t have any ports at all. Fans have always been upset about the removal of the headphone port and some managed to get around this issue by using a lightning port adaptor that allowed fans to still use their wired earphones/headphones. However if the lightning port was also removed then that means that there wouldn’t be any way to connect your favourite earphones. If this leak is true then this proves Apple is going completely wireless and so the decade of wireless charging and wireless earphones would begin.

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Apple Has Made The Most Powerful MacBook Ever!

This New MacBook Pro Will Change Notebooks Forever

Apple just unveiled its most powerful MacBook ever released that has been designed for Photographers, artists, music creation and many other professional industries. This all new 16-Inch MacBook is being classed as the world’s best pro notebook.

This MacBook pro features an amazing 16-inch Display along with some powerful hardware like an 8 core CPU, a huge 64GB of memory and a decent graphics card, the graphics card is not designed for gaming so if you were looking to buy a new gaming laptop then you will want to go for a different brand like Dell or MSI.

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Apple Has 2 VR Headsets On The Way, LEAKED!

Apple Will Be Joining The VR Headset Market At Long Last!

Apple has been behind on some of the tech crazes for unknown reasons but finally the most requested device from fans could come in 2020. Apple fans have been asking for a virtual reality headset for quite a while now, Samsung has had the gear VR out for years now while Apple still doesn’t have a virtual reality headset. We will discuss some leaks, rumours and the pros/cons of an Apple virtual reality headset.

Apple’s new headset which is code named N301 looks similar to the Oculus Quest which is a virtual reality headset that was released back in May. The new headset from Apple doesn’t have a date just yet for release; however some people have said that we could see the headset release sometime in 2020 with a latest release of 2022.

N301 is able to map surrounding areas using external cameras so you don’t end up bumping or falling into things around you. Employees at Apple have been told that another company will be responsible for the software that will run N301. This means that the Apple engineers will most likely be working on the design of the headset itself instead of the software.

When N301 hits the market it’s expected that another virtual reality product will launch alongside it. Apple is reportedly making plans to release a smaller pair of AR glasses. As for looks we don’t really know much about N301 but current prototypes for the AR glasses look like highly priced sun glasses with thick frames. Another really cool feature that Apple is designing to be in the glasses is a set of lenses that will darken when the user is in operation with the device. This will give the glasses a futuristic appearance and stop people from communicating with you when you are using the AR glasses.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said that he regards augmented reality as “a big idea, like the smartphone,” telling The Independent in 2017: “The smartphone is for everyone, we don’t have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it’s for everyone. I think AR is that big, it’s huge.”

Apple believes that augmented reality headsets and glasses will overtake smartphones in a decade because its “that big.” They say that these kinds of headsets will supplant the iPhone which nobody thought was possible. Even the Galaxy Fold which was once labelled the Apple killer failed to beat the iPhone due to very early stages of technology.

AR and VR is struggling

While VR is definitely doing well on powerful computers, the same does not go for mobile phone unfortunately. Handsets are not even half as powerful as a computer and due to this running AR or VR are tough on the components within your device. The gear VR which was highly anticipated failed because of an extremely bad overheat issue, after around 15 minutes of usage your phone would get hotter and hotter until it gave an overheat warning and shut itself down.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 LEAKED Already!

Apple’s iPhone 12 Has a Much Better Design Based on a Leak

Now that the iPhone 11 has been revealed and all the leaks for it have been proven true or false, leakers will now start looking into the iPhone 12 or iPhone X2 which could be the name. Apple has seen a drop in iPhone sales with each new iPhone as more people continue to use their older phones since the newer iPhones don’t offer a huge amount in terms of an upgrade.

The iPhone 7 has been the current standard for people to use, this handset while being old is still very good and has all the applications/updates that the latest iPhones do. Apple can clearly see this but they don’t seem to be doing much about it. Last year Samsung had incredible sales for the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, it is expected that the S10 outperformed the iPhone 11 due to the brand new features like an Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

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Apple Has Finally Had Success From One of Their Subscriptions!

Apple Arcade Is Surprisingly Popular and Worth The Price

Apple had mixed responses when they revealed multiple subscription services ranging from Apple TV to Apple News. They thought that subscription services were the way to go but it was looking like less people were interested in some of the bigger subscriptions like Apple TV. There was however another subscription that you were probably not aware of, Apple Arcade is a subscription service for $4.99 a month and it has been gaining popularity.

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