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Apple AirPods 3 “Pro” LEAKED

Apple Could Release Some Brand New AirPods Soon

Apple is already working on the Apple AirPods 3 but they meant receive a new name, they could be released with the name Apple AirPods Pro and be improved versions of the AirPods 2. Earlier this year the tech giant Apple released a refreshed pair of AirPods that had the always-listening Siri feature which means people can talk to Siri without having to take their iPhone out. The case also received a significant improvement in the form of wireless charging using a charging mat, this meant people could charge their AirPods more conveniently than before.

Even with these new features there weren’t any noticeable differences that set the AirPods apart from the AirPods 2. This has led to quite a lot of people skipping the newly refreshed AirPods in favour of their current ones.

However we won’t need to worry about that this time around as there are new rumours and leaks that say Apple is going for a completely brand new unique design. We will also be getting a greatly improved version of noise cancelling and that’s the reason for the design change. You may remember that a while ago there was a patent for AirPods that fit any size of ears using a clever mechanism; it’s possible that the patent could be related to the brand new upcoming AirPods.

Apple added a small icon for what is believed to be the new AirPods in the new IOS beta. The AirPods will have changeable tips that provide a much better seal around your ears. The design will be a bit more bulbous at the top with a smaller stem for the beam forwarding microphones which allow for hands free calling and Siri.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has tweeted saying: “Looks like the AirPods 3/Pro leak from a few months ago was dead on.” The image below his tweet shows the prototype model spotted by The early leaked images of the Air Pods 3 match up with the IOS data-mined icon, this means that was right about their leak and that we will be seeing some brand new AirPods 3 very soon and probably just in time for Christmas.

Apple is apparently renaming the next AirPods that release to AirPods Pro, which sounds like they will be much better than the previous line. This is most likely because the “Pro” part of the name is usually tied to a device like iPad Pro because it’s a big innovation on the previous generation. China Economic Daily says that Apple is fully ready to start full-scale production on the new AirPods and we could see a release date by the end of October or early September. It’s recommended though that we take this leak with a pinch of salt because this leaker has had some accurate predictions and some very off predictions.


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Apple’s Newest iPhone is only £400

Apple is Releasing an iPhone that is Actually Affordable On Release

You heard that right, Apple is planning to release its cheapest phone ever. With the latest iPhones increasing by huge amounts of money each year it’s no surprise that people are starting to back off purchasing new handsets each release. This means that Apple earns less and less each year as the price continues to rise.

This trend has to stop before it gets out of control and nobody decides to purchase the new iPhones anymore or any Apple product that sells for a really high amount of money. So the new phone is said to be the successor to the iPhone SE which one of the most successful iPhones in recent memory, it’s most likely going to be called the iPhone SE 2 and will come with some pretty big changes to the design and functions.

The leakers have given a rough estimate on the price and that price is $399 on launch that means that this will be the most affordable new iPhone in a really long time if the leaks are actually correct. The price would be around £399-£429 in the UK which is half as much as the last iPhones price on release which was the iPhone 11.

The iPhone SE 2 will come in silver, space grey and the extremely popular crimson red that was once exclusive to the iPhone SE. It will also feature the A13 chip which is a really powerful chip that should increase the performance and response time of the new iPhone SE2.

We also have some facts about the inflation of the iPhones each year

  • iPhone 5S (2013) – £549 / £618 (inflation)
  • iPhone 6 (2014) – £539 / £593 (inflation)
  • iPhone 6S (2015) – £539 / £587 (inflation)
  • iPhone 7 (2016) – £599 / £641 (inflation)
  • iPhone 8 (2017) – £699 / £722 (inflation)
  • iPhone X (2017)– £999 / £1,032 (inflation)
  • iPhone XS (2018) – £999 / £1,017 (inflation)

“Our team just finished an Asia tour, and we strongly believe Apple has a road map that will include four smartphones out in 2020 – with the lower-end being the next version of the SE,” the Wedbush Securities said. They basically confirmed that the iPhone SE2 was actually in development based on their tour.

If the price inflation continues to grow then we could be looking at the iPhone X2 or iPhone 20 costing about £2000 if not even more. This had to stop at some point and we think Apple has realised that they will eventually get to a position where they will really struggle to sell iPhones which leads to a drop in revenue and ultimately cause Apple to miss their targets each year. The iPhones themselves haven’t changed a huge amount over the years so they can’t really justify a massive increase of price year after year especially until we get some brand new features.

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iOS 13 Has Been a Disaster

iOS 13 Has Purposely Lowered The Charging Performance of Your iPhone

Apple has released its IOS 13 update and it has not been well received by users, which is a huge shock since Apple says they held back on releasing it many times due to optimisation. The latest IOS 13 is filled with bugs and some scary security issues that Apple has overlooked.  Apple has rushed out three updates over two weeks that were patches to the update designed to fix some of the issues, unfortunately those patches only caused more issues in the long run which people are still discovering today.

Apple has also done something very shady; they have added something that heavily reduces the performance of third party chargers. Meaning if you buy a charger that isn’t from official Apple then it won’t charge your phone as fast and that’s not because of the third party charger it’s because Apple is purposely making it perform badly which gives a higher incentive for Apple customers to spend more money on official chargers that have increased performance.

The difference is in the wattage, a regular official Apple charger will charge at 7.5W standardly but if you plug in a third party charger then it will only charge at 5W which means that Apple has made those other chargers worse.

An iPhone 11 will charge to 80% in two hours which is a nice charge time for the percentage you get. However after IOS 13.1 it has dropped to only 55% in two hours which is dramatically slower than it was before.

Apple has been under fire from charger developers and even other people Apple has released some information on how third party chargers can earn the right to 7.5W instead 5W “Any vendors who are fully compliant with the Qi charging spec and all of our guidance will see 7.5W charging.”

So Apple is basically saying that in order to have a steady 7.5W charger the companies must make extremely safe chargers that are completely up to code. Also many people have noticed that their lock screens have been telling them to fix their phones at official Apple stores only if their screen is repaired.

The update is so clever and advanced that it was able to detect the specifications of the iPhone even if something has changed, mainly the battery model. If you fix your iPhone at an unofficial store for whatever reason then you may get a replacement battery, however Apple knows when your battery is real official one or a fake. If the battery model is a third party one then you might find your phone blocked and bricked in order to protect you against an explosion or battery related issue.

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The Best Apple Watch Straps of 2019!

These are The Most Popular Apple Watch Bands of 2019

Getting an Apple watch is expensive and it can be a huge decision to decide if an Apple Watch is right for you. The standard band for the Apple watch is just the standard band that comes with all the Apple Watches and it isn’t very stylish, with the announcements of the new Apple Watch we think we should give you some options for some more stylish bands.

The Barton Canvas Watch Strap

If you want something that looks casual then this band is perfect for you, with high quality material and a buckle that is made from a shiny stainless steel. They come in a few colours so you should easily be able to find a colour option that is appealing to you. It couldn’t hurt to try the strap and if it doesn’t fit the way you want it too then you can always return it and try another strap/Band.

Jord Harmonic Apple Watch Bands

Jord has developed a brand new stylish band that is made from the highest quality steel mixed with some real wood. This combination makes a beautiful band that fits nice and comfy around your wrist. They come with three completely different designs and colours so you can easily find the right look for you.

Nomad Titanium Watch Band

The Titanium Watch Band is what Apple should have designed themselves this watch is lightweight and looks great especially in black. Its ultra-light titanium design makes it comfy and fits perfectly; there are black and silver colour options too and the best part is that black and silver matches.

Apple Watch Band Hermes

Apple does have a nice and stylish band called the Apple Watch Hermes Band and it certainly looks tech savvy. This band can only be purchased on the Apple Store and it was developed by French artisans from Barenia it’s made with beautiful textured Epsom/smooth swift leather. These designs are still very elegant for the newest Apple Watches, it is quite expensive but worth it if you are into the design.

Apple Watch Band Milanese

This band is definitely smooth and very attractive; It will fit around your wrist with ease and look very stylish. The weave is made from high quality material and the stainless steel buckle looks really good too. The weave is tight it will keep the mesh from being able to pull on your hairs around your wrist.

Apple Watch Sport Loop

This watch is for the more creative kind of people that want a bright and colourful style. The sport loop band is made of some of the finest material that feels really good on your wrist and is really comfortable, the only issue is that you need to clean it quite a lot due to the build up of sweat during workouts. Otherwise its a great watch that would be a great addition to your Apple Watch and with many different colours you can easily find the right one for you.

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Apple Is Trademarking The Term “Slofies”

Apple is Trademarking Their Joke Term

Apple made a joke regarding its slow motion selfie camera by giving it the cheesy name “Slofie” which basically means slow motion selfie. While it was a funny joke, Apple seems to be really happy with their made up word and has now decided to copyright the word “Slofie” which gives Apple full control over the word.

The iPhone 11 has a new feature which lets the front camera take a video at super smooth 120 frames per second. It can then be slowed down to make a really smooth slow motion effect. Apple used the name “Slofie” for this new feature and just like Apple has done in the past, they trademarked a word right away to stop people from trying to use the word.

They said that there was another company called “SlowFi” which was based in china that had the name similar to the one Apple is trying to trademark. However luckily for Apple the company had already been defunct which means buying the rights to the word was cheap enough, not that Apple couldn’t have paid way more if the company was still running though. The way it looks is that if Apple wants something then they get it. They paid an extremely low $400 to file the trademark for “Slowfie” and let’s not forget that Apple is a multi-billion dollar company so they basically got it for free.

Apple is doing this in an attempt to have a new fun selling point for its new iPhones and iPads. Though it will appeal more to kids than it probably will to adults because it does sound a bit childish. We don’t know how this could turn out but Apple might be able to boost its profits with a single word.

Apple has not called the camera mode “slowfie” just yet and there isn’t an app yet either so we can probably expect a new update that changes the name very soon. They are also trying to prevent other companies from being able to make slofie branded camera applications. The same sort of thing happened when the Animoji took off and other companies made their own software that can do the same thing that Animoji can.

If Only The iPhone 11 Reveal Was Successful

Apple was quick to trademark their new term and we can expect to see that word used in advertisements soon, but what about the other features on the iPhone 11. Its reveal was actually disappointing with not enough new features or anything too desirable; its looking like people won’t be quick to change their phone to the latest iPhone 11 since the other models are about the same in terms of features and specifications. The design on the back of the iPhone 11 mainly the rear facing camera design is quite unappealing with a bump styled back, the bump houses the cameras and the space left between them just doesn’t look good.

That’s a fun fact for you anyway, let us know your thoughts down below.

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Apple iPhone 11 Review

A breakdown Of The iPhone 11 And Why You Might or Might Not Want It

We have got our hands on the newest iPhone 11 from Apple, while the iPhone 11 is great performance wise, there are some issues that make this year’s iPhone 11 one of the least appealing devices from Apple, so lets have a look at the iPhone 11 and what is has to offer.

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You can Spend Over £139 for an Apple Card Case

Kerf Hilariously Charges £139 for An Apple Card Case

So you should be aware of the recent talk surrounding the Apple Card, for those that don’t know the Apple Card is just like a normal debit card. It’s just Apples version of a bank card and it comes with some nice benefits if you stay inside the Apple Eco system.

There has been talk around a fault that has been discovered regarding the Apple card. The card is pure white and that means any sort of stain or damage to it is clearly visible. But it has been discovered that putting your Apple Card inside a normal leather wallet can cause the Card to become discoloured and wear over time. So this means that you probably shouldn’t keep your clean Apple card inside a normal wallet or purse, so Kerf recommends a different place to store your new shiny card.

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Apple Watch 5 leaks LEGIT!

The Apple Watch 5 Has A New Expensive Material

The Apple watch 5 has had a juicy new leak before it was due to be showed off along with the iPhone 11 reveals. The Apple watch 5 is supposedly releasing in ceramic and titanium versions which is a brand new material that has not been used on an Apple Watch before.

This is definitely in an effort to attract some new customers that want a fancier design that is different from the normal aluminium or stainless steel models. The leak is accidental from Apple themselves so it can definitely be trusted.

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Apple is giving iPhones to Hackers

Apple Is Planning To Allow Hackers Into the iOS System

Apple will be willingly giving out special iPhone’s to hackers so that crucial bugs and exploits can be found. This weekend, Apple is going to be at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Sources claim that Apple has plans to announce a brand new opportunity for people that are technically advanced and can find their way through code.

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Apple Will No Longer Record Your Voice Without You Knowing

Apple Wont Have Its Staff Listen To Siri Recordings Anymore

Apple has heard all the complaints from the public about staff having to hear sex and violence through the voice assistants. Staff members will be moved on to other jobs without be fired and the whole process of monitoring sounds collected through the voice assistants will be terminated.

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