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Apple locked users out of their new phones?

iPhones are experiencing a very strange problem that’s causing peoples new £700 phone to just straight up lock and not allow them back in, apple is causing this a hardware failure issue. This issue has led to people being locked out of there iPads and even Apple TV. Disabling there accounts and Apple ID and only now after 2 days of the issue has apple confirmed it to be there own fault and apple fans are sending hate towards apple and expressing there concerns. Your apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity. is the message you apple fans are seeing. Continue reading Apple locked users out of their new phones?

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Apple Black Friday Deals Leaked Early

The Best Black Friday Deals Apple Has Ever Released

The king of black Friday, apple. Has had some deals leaked for all customers and surprisingly they seem to be feeling quite festive and generous this year with some devices even being cut about 40% which is a great deal. But what exactly are apple going to be featuring on black Friday? That new iPhone you wanted? Well I’m going to tell you.

So according to various leaks from Walmart, amazon and other retail stores. Apple are going to give the best black Friday deals they have ever given. So you can bet that the new iPhones are going to be around 15% off which means if we take the newest iPhone released at the time and removed 15% of the price cost, the original price of the Apple iPhone XR being £750 is now just £637.50 which is more than £100 off. What a great deal for the latest iPhone and for those people that want the new iPhone you wont be disappointed

That’s not all though though Target are giving away a free $250 Target Gift Card with qualified activation on iPhone Xs or iPhone XS Max on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. So we can imagine this american deal being in a similar store in the UK. Such as curry PC world or even john Lewis.

Not just that but also a free $150 Target Gift Card with Qualified Activation on iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone X on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T which is another american deal that you can expect to see in john Lewis and curry PC world this black Friday.

Judging by the way these deals work we can definitely expect to see these deals applied in stores in the uk such as the american deal of Receiving a Sam’s Club Gift Card worth up to $300 with Purchase and Activation on Install or Subsidy of Select iPhones.

Apple Watch Black Friday Sales

  • Target – Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) for $299.99 (save $80) –
  • Target – Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) for $199.99 (save $80)
  • Costco – $40 Off Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38mm Silver or 42mm Space Gray
  • Sam’s Club – Up to $50 Off Select Apple Watch Models

Here is some more deals but for the apple watches. Again these deals are very likely to appear in other stores in the uk, john lewis and currys pc world and even carphone warehouse will be having something similar in place.

Apple iPad Black Friday Sales

  • Target – Apple iPad Mini 4 starts at $249.99 (save $150)
  • Target – Apple iPad starts at $249.99 (save $80)
  • Costco – Apple iPad 9.7” 32GB for $249.99 (save $70)
  • Costco – Apple iPad 9.7” 128GB for $349.99 (save $50)
  • Sam’s Club – Up to $150 Off Select Apple iPad Models

Apple’s ipads are also going to be on sale for black friday with some even being cut £120 which is some amazing savings and definitely worth picking up if you are looking for a new ipad, these are once again american prices but we should expect to see similar deals in John lewis, PC world and Carphone Warehouse.

Unfortunately we haven’t heard any news about macbooks so it could be that either they just haven’t announced it yet or maybe we won’t see macbooks on black friday at all. We won’t know until it gets closer to that day but im sure we will see some other apple products featured and with slashed prices. But one thing is for sure, its a great time for fans of apple products.


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New iPad Pro Release Date – and how to save over £380!

The new iPad Pro hits stores later this week with some serious upgrades over it’s predecessor.  The new iPad Pro has undergone a complete design overhaul and now features an edge to edge screen with Liquid Retina display to start.

The new technology means Apple have been able to reduce the overall size of the tablet by almost 25 per cent, making it a much more compact and manageable device.

Other upgrades include the addition of the A12X Bionic Processor – which makes the iPad Pro lightning fast, beating off many high end laptops.

The iPad Pro also features Face ID, that was first featured on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  The new iPad also features an innovative stylus which fixes to the side of the tablet to charge wirelessly from the main device. Continue reading New iPad Pro Release Date – and how to save over £380!

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Apple unveils new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini

The legend himself Tim Cook just unveiled last night the next step for apple and the company he has taken on his shoulders. This press event was hosted at the brooklyn academy of music, just like its September press event which unveiled the iPhone XS, XS max and the brand new XR.

The bold statement from apple was that they said this iPad is the biggest change to iPads since its birth almost eight years ago. The new features really show that apple is trying to make the ipads much more adaptable and appealing to newer and larger audiences.

So the new iPad pro is about 5.9mm thinner than the last iPad which about 15% thinner and the kicker is that it no longer features a headphone jack which for some could be a drawback but some people they are used to this new apple take on headphone jacks. There also isn’t a home button anymore meaning that if u want to go home then you have to make swipe gestures in certain spots on the iPad to go to previous apps and page. This new iPad pro will also feature apple’s new edge to edge display and new rounded corners. Continue reading Apple unveils new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini

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The Best FREE Games for iPhone

iphone games

These are the best games that money really can’t buy!

A few years ago, if you wanted to do any serious gaming you either had to buy a console like the PlayStation or Xbox or spend a load of money on a top end gaming PC.  Thanks to the power of the iPhone and the vast range of titles on the App Store, you now have a world of gaming literally at your fingertips without the need for loads of extra tech.

There’s loads of free games out there as well, so you don’t even have to add any extras to your monthly phone bill! But won’t the games be full of adds or in app purchases?  This is true in some cases, you just have to find the needles in the haystack – or just read our guide!

Continue reading The Best FREE Games for iPhone

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Apple Screws OnePlus Over Launch Event Timing

Apple’s attempt the overshadow the OnePlus 6T launch event is very transparent!

OnePlus were due to launch the OnePlus 6T in New York on 30th October – the same day Apple were scheduled to host their own secret launch event.  They have now moved their conference to the day before – 29th October – as to avoid being “overshadowed” by the behemoth that is Apple Inc.

The OnePlus 6T is tipped to be an iPhone X killer.  Bigger screen, more memory, faster processor.  The list goes on.  But most importantly, MUCH cheaper.  Apple may have scheduled this event in an attempt to overshadow the 6T launch; which says a lot! Continue reading Apple Screws OnePlus Over Launch Event Timing

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The iPhone XS and XS Max Have Got Big Charging Problems

The new iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones have some serious charging issues!

Apple is yet to issue any statement regarding the complaints of iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones not charging.  Many owners have reported that their iPhone refuses to charge if it’s been on standby for a while.  Other users report that their phones only charge when the screen is switched on.  Unbox Therapy YouTube blogger Lewis Hilsenteger has dubbed the issue “Chargegate” in a video on his channel where he demonstrates the issues.  Apple is yet to say anything about the issue.

In a video uploaded to YouTube and his 12 million subscribers on Saturday – he tested 9 iPhones by plugging them into an official Apple Charger.  2017’s iPhone X charged without issue – but many of the new XS and XS models failed to charge correctly – or even at all!  Most of the phones tested would only charge when the screen was awakened but one would not charge at all.  Mr Hilsenteger said he had been made aware of the problem by a fan who sent him an email directing him to the issue. Continue reading The iPhone XS and XS Max Have Got Big Charging Problems

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The iPhone X Seems To Have Developed Another Bug

Some owners of the iPhone X have started experiencing a new issue with the phones most basic of functions – answering calls.

The iPhone X was released towards the end of 2017 to very mixed reviews.  Tim Cook hailed the phone as the device that would lead Apple into the next decade of iPhone’s yet many owners have been left disappointed their very expensive devices and the iPhone X has experienced a number of defects and bugs since it was rolled out.

The latest bug to raise its head affects the simplest and most essential function of any phone – the ability to answer incoming calls.  For a phone that’s armed with sophisticated facial recognition software and state of the art cameras, you would think calling would work flawlessly. Continue reading The iPhone X Seems To Have Developed Another Bug

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The iPhone X is Getting Cancelled This Summer!

An extremely credible source has leaked a report that states Apple will be cancelling the iPhone X this summer due to slow sales.

AppleInsider has managed to obtain a report from acclaimed KGI securities analyst Ming-Cho Kuo that say’s Apple are disappointed with sales of the expensive handset which has led to a decision to cancel production in the summer.  This in unprecedented for Apple and marks the first time a handset has been cancelled in its first year since the iPhone 5C in 2014.

The Chinese market has been mentioned as a large factor in the cancellation and the report cites China’s disinterest in the device as a main reason.  China has been falling out of love with Apple for a few years now, favouring home brands over foreign.  And big screen’s dictate the market and the iPhone X’s notch has been seen as removing too much usable space.  The iPhone 8 Plus offers more screen for less cost. Continue reading The iPhone X is Getting Cancelled This Summer!

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Apple’s Legal Problems in the US Continue Over iPhone Slowing

Now the US Congress is involved with the head of the US Senate writing to Apple to demand answers.

Apple recently admitted to slowing down iPhone’s in a bid, they claim, to prolong the life of ageing batteries found in the devices.  Many users weren’t happy with the revelations and multiple high profile law suits have been raised in the US.

Now problems for the company look to get worse as the head of the Senate Commerce Committee, Senator John Thune has written to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, to demand answers and an explanation to the problems.  The committee also wants to know why the company didn’t offer free battery replacements.

The letter comes after confirmation from French prosecutors that the countries Finance Ministry Fraud Control department is launching their own investigation to find out exactly what went wrong with iPhone’s and determine if Apple could of, and should of handled the situation differently. Continue reading Apple’s Legal Problems in the US Continue Over iPhone Slowing