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iTunes is Leaving So What Happens To You?

What To Do Now iTunes Is Leaving

Apple iTunes has been around since the iPhone was first released; everyone knows what it is and uses it daily. Not to mention that most people have put a lot of money into iTunes for albums and songs so it’s understandable that a lot of people fear the day that Apple would discontinue it.

The app that you know and love is going to be replaced by three brand new apps. Apple has been moving towards subscription services and for whatever reason they want to make a brand new music app.

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Apple Charging $1000 For a Stand, New iPhone 11 Design

Well the WWDC 2019 is over and people are less than impressed with Apple. In fact Apple has insulted fans pretty badly this time. Apple’s vice president appeared in front of a huge crowd of people and revealed 3 brand new products, not a phone but Apples version of a desktop computer with a tower.

The Mac Pro was shown and it is the most powerful computer that Apple has ever made period. It is designed for the most professional people with multiple features that could be useful to the average consumer. Sounds good right? No its not, wait till you hear the price.

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iPhone XR2 Has The Same Ugly Design

The Same Design For The iPhone 11 Has Made Its way To The iPhone XR2

Apple has already received a lot of backlash from leaks of the iPhone 11’s design. Apple has never and will never comment on leaked designs, information, news, announcements or just anything leaked in general. In fact Apple goes pretty far and wide to trick the leakers by leaking some of their own fake designs just to put people off what they are actually working on.

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iPad Air 2019 Review

The iPad Air 2019 Is The Brilliant iPad For Taking On The Go

The newest iPad for 2019 may have lost some features, but it lost a lot more weight. Healthy eating and exercise has made this iPad one of the lightest iPad’s you can buy.

Apple used to give the name “Air” to products that were the lightest they have ever made, however some of the last Air devices like the MacBook Air were quite heavy which means the name “Air” is now given to products with a mix of features and price.

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iPhone XR 2 and No More 5G

Apple Say Goodbye To 5G For Now While We Say Hello To The New iPhone XR2

Apple know that the XR sold much better than any other iPhone due to the cheaper model that still packs a huge punch for all Apple fans. The recent leaks of the iPhone 11 have not been well received so for those who are already feeling disappointed. Your favourite iPhone might be getting another model sooner than you think.

A Japanese site called Macotakara is saying that there will be a brand new iPhone XR 2 soon. Not just that but we already have leaked features and specifications. The iPhone XR was once of the most successful iPhones to sell and after Apples financial quarter they knew they had to make another XR along with the new iPhone 11.

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More News On The Folding iPhone

Apple Could Release A New iPhone Soon!

New leaks have surfaced regarding the brand new iPhone set to be unveiled later this year and released before the end of the year. However the recent leaks show that the newest iPhone might just be the ugliest iPhone yet.  This is most likely showing that the new iPhone could be a new design we haven’t seen yet and would explain the odd shape.

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Its Not Looking Good For The iPod

Could We See A New iPod Touch Soon?

With the iPad’s receiving upgrades we expected the iPod touch to also receive a nice upgrade since it still has many fans and a lot of people have been asking for them. Apple has disappointed us with no news regarding the iPod touch revival. It seems like there may not be any plans to release a new iPod touch despite fans asking for years.

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New iPad Mini and AIR!

Apple Unveils Brand New Upgrades For The iPad Mini and Air

Apple has now updated its oldest products, the iPad Mini and Air. These devices were long overdue an upgrade and most people though that Apple simply forgot about portable devices in favour of just pushing iPhones and wearable technology.

However we now know that there will be new devices for sale very soon. Both of these brand new products will be brought up to date with the latest iPhones mainly the iPhone XS and iPad Pro.

Apple will be including the powerful A12 Bionic processor which has been quoted as being three times faster than the previous processor used in iPads way back in 2014. The iPad Mini will keep the same 7.9 inch screen that was featured in the last iPad Mini and the design won’t be changed too much due to positive reviews from the previous products size and design.

However the iPad Airs screen has increased in size from a 9.7 to 10.5inch screen, this makes one of the largest iPad screens available and it’s definitely significant increase in size.

The home button will return along with the Touch ID that many people know and love. This will be a big selling point since a lot of people didn’t want to use those features on the new products. Especially after they got used to how they work and function. So that’s a big positive for Apple even though it seems the only upgrades we will be getting are internal component upgrades.

The same chargers

The new iPads will also need the old lightning ports to charge instead of the new cross-platform USB chargers we see with the new iPhones. Again this a great idea because most people bought many other chargers for their old iPads and now they can keep the same chargers as back-up without having to purchase even more.

Even the screen quality itself has been upgraded with these new iPads. Apple has decided to include the True Tone Colour and allow support for the P3 colour system. These options were not featured on the older iPads. The older Apple stylus will also work on the devices but only the older ones. The new ones unfortunately don’t work so if it charges by the lightening port then it will definitely work.

Apples senior vice president Phil Schiller announced the following “Today the iPad family takes two big leaps forward with an all-new 10.5-inch iPad Air that brings high-end size, features and performance at a breakthrough price, and a major upgrade to the 7.9-inch iPad mini, which also brings Apple Pencil, Retina display and the A12 Bionic chip to the many customers that love its compact size.”

Cameras and storage

If you are wondering about the camera then both the devices have 8 mega-pixel rear cameras with a 7 mega-pixel front camera. They are also compatible with the Smart keyboard Apple recently released. Along with 64GB and 256GB storage options and 4G connectivity which soon will be upgraded to 5G but 4G is still completely fine and works incredible well for anybody.