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Apple’s iPhone 12 LEAKED Already!

Apple’s iPhone 12 Has a Much Better Design Based on a Leak

Now that the iPhone 11 has been revealed and all the leaks for it have been proven true or false, leakers will now start looking into the iPhone 12 or iPhone X2 which could be the name. Apple has seen a drop in iPhone sales with each new iPhone as more people continue to use their older phones since the newer iPhones don’t offer a huge amount in terms of an upgrade.

The iPhone 7 has been the current standard for people to use, this handset while being old is still very good and has all the applications/updates that the latest iPhones do. Apple can clearly see this but they don’t seem to be doing much about it. Last year Samsung had incredible sales for the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, it is expected that the S10 outperformed the iPhone 11 due to the brand new features like an Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

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Apple Has Finally Had Success From One of Their Subscriptions!

Apple Arcade Is Surprisingly Popular and Worth The Price

Apple had mixed responses when they revealed multiple subscription services ranging from Apple TV to Apple News. They thought that subscription services were the way to go but it was looking like less people were interested in some of the bigger subscriptions like Apple TV. There was however another subscription that you were probably not aware of, Apple Arcade is a subscription service for $4.99 a month and it has been gaining popularity.

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Apple iPhone 11 Review

A breakdown Of The iPhone 11 And Why You Might or Might Not Want It

We have got our hands on the newest iPhone 11 from Apple, while the iPhone 11 is great performance wise, there are some issues that make this year’s iPhone 11 one of the least appealing devices from Apple, so lets have a look at the iPhone 11 and what is has to offer.

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You can Spend Over £139 for an Apple Card Case

Kerf Hilariously Charges £139 for An Apple Card Case

So you should be aware of the recent talk surrounding the Apple Card, for those that don’t know the Apple Card is just like a normal debit card. It’s just Apples version of a bank card and it comes with some nice benefits if you stay inside the Apple Eco system.

There has been talk around a fault that has been discovered regarding the Apple card. The card is pure white and that means any sort of stain or damage to it is clearly visible. But it has been discovered that putting your Apple Card inside a normal leather wallet can cause the Card to become discoloured and wear over time. So this means that you probably shouldn’t keep your clean Apple card inside a normal wallet or purse, so Kerf recommends a different place to store your new shiny card.

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Apple is giving iPhones to Hackers

Apple Is Planning To Allow Hackers Into the iOS System

Apple will be willingly giving out special iPhone’s to hackers so that crucial bugs and exploits can be found. This weekend, Apple is going to be at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Sources claim that Apple has plans to announce a brand new opportunity for people that are technically advanced and can find their way through code.

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Four New iPhones Coming in 2020

The SE successor and Brand New XS iPhone

Apple is aiming to release a £499 iPhone early next year, while it’s by no means “cheap” it is the cheapest iPhone you could buy and it is brand new with the latest updates including IOS 13. The first iPhone released asks for £269 while the newest iPhone called the iPhone XS Max costs almost £1000. So the drop to £499 brings the new iPhone back to the same price as the iPhone 4 which released many years ago.

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Apples newest iPhone PRO leaked!

iPhone Pro Could Be a Dream Come True

Apple is expected to launch a trio of brand new iPhones in September, but the actual details are not publicly available. We have some brand new information that heavily reinforces the possibility of the iPhone Pro.

The leaks have already been revealed and people are getting hyped, but nobody is as hype as a YouTube content creator that actually made and rendered a 3-minute video of the iPhone Pro design based on the leaks. Words can’t describe how much better this design is than the already leaked iPhone 11 designs.

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Cameras For The Apple Watch

A New Patent Confirms Apple Will Be Adding Cameras To Their Watches

We all know that Apple Watches have been quite popular for allowing you to access phone features by just tapping on your wrist. But one of the most asked for and popular feature is the ability to use a camera on the watch and take selfies or just the odd photo of something in front of you. It benefits many things such as Snapchat and Instagram plus it means we can take picture much quicker than pulling our phones out of our pockets and then going to the camera app.

Well all the rumours have now been confirmed true or at least we have some evidence to show that they are true. Apple has filed a new patent for the new Apple Watch that does feature a camera but it’s in an odd place that nobody expected it to be. The new Apple Watch camera will be located on the strap of the watch, as seen on the picture of the patent.

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iTunes is Leaving So What Happens To You?

What To Do Now iTunes Is Leaving

Apple iTunes has been around since the iPhone was first released; everyone knows what it is and uses it daily. Not to mention that most people have put a lot of money into iTunes for albums and songs so it’s understandable that a lot of people fear the day that Apple would discontinue it.

The app that you know and love is going to be replaced by three brand new apps. Apple has been moving towards subscription services and for whatever reason they want to make a brand new music app.

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Apple Charging $1000 For a Stand, New iPhone 11 Design

Well the WWDC 2019 is over and people are less than impressed with Apple. In fact Apple has insulted fans pretty badly this time. Apple’s vice president appeared in front of a huge crowd of people and revealed 3 brand new products, not a phone but Apples version of a desktop computer with a tower.

The Mac Pro was shown and it is the most powerful computer that Apple has ever made period. It is designed for the most professional people with multiple features that could be useful to the average consumer. Sounds good right? No its not, wait till you hear the price.

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