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Apple Will No Longer Record Your Voice Without You Knowing

Apple Wont Have Its Staff Listen To Siri Recordings Anymore

Apple has heard all the complaints from the public about staff having to hear sex and violence through the voice assistants. Staff members will be moved on to other jobs without be fired and the whole process of monitoring sounds collected through the voice assistants will be terminated.

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MacBook Pro 16 inch Is Beautiful and Powerful

MacBook Pro 16-inch Specifications and Release Date

Apple has been under fire because of the new Apple PC but they haven’t forgotten about the mac book which a lot of people still use daily.  It has been a really long time since we had a mac book upgrade so Apple is hoping that there new mac book Pro is enough to win over customers.

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Apple Is Ready For VR!!

A new Patient Shows Apples Brand new Virtual Reality Headset

Apple is usually not one to ignore the latest trends and latest technology so we did expect them to jump into the world of VR like Samsung did. Apple has filed for a brand new patent which heavily suggests the use of VR technology that tracks the whole face with multiple sensors.

The new Apple VR tracks facial features, hands and eyes to create a fully immersive virtual reality experience that allows you to pick up and interact with objects. This isn’t the first time that Apple has sent off a patent about virtual reality but they never showed hand tracking.

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The Apple Watch 5 Features We Want

What we can expect from the Apple Watch 5?

The next Apple watch is likely to be releasing soon since it’s been a while since the Apple watch 4. With no news from Apple yet we can try to estimate what the price rang will be and what new/improved feature we could see when we get our hands on Apples latest watch.

So we all know how expensive the Apple watches are and that not everybody is ready to drop lots of money for one, but remember that some normal watches are worth ten times the amount that an Apple watch does like Rolex or Breitling.

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Apple Is Moving To USB-C

Apple Could Make The Switch To USB-C Soon

Apple is known for removing technology and removing the inputs required to use accessories and cables.  It’s happened in the past and it’s going to happen again if you plan on purchasing the newest and latest iPhone, if not then you are going to be fine.

The latest iPad Pro dropped the lightening connector which is used to charge the device completely, they instead went with a standard USB-C socket which is an odd move without to many reasons why. Apple fans fear that the newest and latest iPhone released this year could also do the same thing as Apple usually releases all products with the same connectors just for convenience. This could cause many issues for some people however and maybe even cause some potential customers to turn their heads in disgust.

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Avoid Apple Phone Scams At All Costs

Apple Is Warning Users About Fake Calls From Apple Support

IPhone users are being targeted by fake companies with one objective, to scam you out of as much money as possible. Many users have been contacted by fake companies with the usual line of “Hello, there is a problem on our systems that says your iPhone has viruses and hackers reading your files.”

These are complete lies and they will demand money for your device to be fixed. They have no intention of doing anything to your phone, they just need to get your trust and then they will give you an estimated fix time after you paid them.

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IOS 13, Mac Pro and New SDK for Developers Leaked

Brand New App-store, IOS 13 and Mac Pro information leaked!

Apple has decided to combine all the App stores for the iPhones, iPad’s and mac’s into one single app store. They plan to have them all combined and working by 2021, so in around 2 years we will have a brand new and improved app store.

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Apple News Subscription Event

Apple Is Going To Reveal The new Apple News subscription-based App This March

Tech giant, Apple is planning an event on March the 25th to launch their new subscription service. This event is only to show the new TV subscription service; unfortunately we won’t be seeing any new devices or information regarding iPad’s, iPhones or Airpods.

In the past Apple has used March events to show off new iPad’s but there isn’t going to be any news for iPad’s so this event will seem quite different to the regular events Apple has made in March. We would expect a new upgrade for the iPad’s to help promote the Subscription service. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

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Angela Ahrendts Leaves Apple

Former Burberry boss quits Apple in April

Angela Ahrendts was the fashion boss for Burberry before she was hired to re-design Apples retail stores across the world. Unfortunately she is now stepping down from working with apple.

Apple has released a statement about Ms Ahrendts decision to leave the company, “Ahrendts will be pursuing new personal work and professional pursuits.” She has one of the highest salaries out of all executives and was originally earning more than twice the amount Tim Cook was in 2017.

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